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Strange Little Beauty Gadgets

If only I had a little robot that woke me up, got me dressed, cooked some delicious French toast and was also  fabulously programmed to mimic famous makeup artists (I would choose the Kevin Aucoin mode). Well, it seems like I may or may not see that in my lifetime, and I don’t wish to put any makeup artists out of business! For now, we can only splurge on strange little beauty gadgets. Do they work? Let’s take a look at some of the newest beauty gadgets  in the bunch.

BelleNo, it’s not the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man’s headless girlfriend! It’s the BelleCore HoneyBelle Bodybuffer! ($395) Neiman Marcus says: This breakthrough wellness/beauty device exfoliates, soothes sore, aching muscles, smoothes the skin, and dramatically diminishes the appearance of cellulite in 30 days or less.

The HoneyBelle bodybuffer’s patented oscillating technology uses micro and macro mechanical forces to effectively improve the feel and appearance of cellulite in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The random high frequency oscillation improves blood flow to the treated areas, helps remove toxins and edema (swelling) in the adipose or fatty tissue, and helps stretch the fibrous arches or inner walls of the skin, allowing it to “rebound” to its normal smooth appearance. The results are almost immediate. Most will feel a difference in the lumpiness of their cellulite after only a few uses.

The BelleCore bodybuffer’s patented technology can also be used to improve circulation in the skin and underlying tissues, such as muscles and lymphatics, which may have benefits when used before and after exercise. Users find it improves overall well-being.

Tourmaline Ionic Dryer I am trying to find out what a $150 dryer does that a $50 dryer doesn’t. The Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 4000i Dryer has been claimed to be the technologically advanced hair dryer in the market. It’s supposed to get rid of frizz and reduce static better than a regular dryer and it’s super compact and lightweight. Am I still sold on this dryer.. not really, I normally air-dry my bleached locks whenever possible, so I am honestly not a huge fan of the dryer!
NuFace SystemDon’t taze me, bro! Oh wait.. that’s for your face? Wow, it looks like a torture device! What the heck is it? According to Neiman Marcus, it is called NuFACE, ($325) and is the first and only FDA cleared at-home device to safely and effectively improve the appearance of the face through the use of microcurrent technology.

NuFACE lifts and tones the muscles and skin through noninvasive, gentle electrical stimulation. I think I saw something like this for the abs, it shocked your ab muscules and made them twitch into shape. Really? hahah! I must see the before and afters!

I really want to stick this thing on top of a mining hat and go underground! Just the photo of this device alone is trippy.. and this is supposed to get rid of zits? Yup, the Baby Quasar Blue Laser Light ($349) is the most powerful anti-acne skin care device available for at-home use.n The Baby Quasar works by killing the acne-causing bacteria, p. acne, and works well in treating inflammatory acne vulgaris.

The p. acne bacteria releases small molecules called porphyrins; when exposed to the Baby Blue’s wavelengths of light, they produce free radicals that kill bacteria.

Get rid of your harsh drying acne products. gentle, natural, safe, and painless, and can be used on all skin types and tones. This product seems like it’s really worth it if it worked.. does anyone know if it does? What if I hold a LED flashlight up to my pimples.. will that work, too?
No No HairNo! No! Hair.. please don’t grow there! This adorable compact hair removal device is on my wish list! The No! No! hair mini ($250) provides long-term, pain-free hair removal for body (not intended for “sensitive” areas) and facial hair. Get sexy, smooth, touchable skin that lasts and lasts with the no!no! professional hair removal system.

no!no! delivers a long-term solution to unwanted hair by inhibiting hair regrowth and reducing density. no!no! uses Thermicon™, a heat-based technology that enables it to remove any color hair from all skin types and keep it from growing back.

I think this is worth a try, no? Again, sorry to the ladies (and gents) who had ideas about using this in “sensitive” areas.

Airbrushing is something I’ve always wanted to learn.. why haven’t I learned this yet!?!? I’m missing out for sure.

The Luminess Air Platinum Makeup and Tanning System ($369) seems to have it all. The Luminess Air Beauty Airbrush System is a consumer version of an industrial airbrush makeup machine, that is lightweight, but gives the same results. No hassle with heavy machinery and no mess. One setting for foundation, eyeshadow, and all-over face bronzing—much faster to apply than regular makeup and less messy.

Yet another hair removal device! WhoooO! This is the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System $595 (for those who care it is as seen in “O” The Oprah Magazine, June 2010 issue, p165). The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System is the first and only FDA-cleared laser hair removal system available that uses the same trusted laser technology as the professionals and provides the same lasting results at home. In as few as eight simple treatments, you’ll never have to shave or wax again.

I did see this device in person and if I remember correctly it was rather large. Didn’t follow me home, although I was tempted!

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