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My weekend look: Turquoise metallic shadow with bright yellow highlight

Eyeshadow tutorialMy fiance did a performance last night with his band, Vultures Await, and I decided to go a little crazy with the eyes since it was Rock N’ Roll time. I received my new Coastal Scents Metal Mania 88 eyeshadow palette this week and WOW.. it’s a must-buy for those who are makeup artists and those who are total product junkies.

Actually, Ok.. I lie.. EVERYONE needs this palette at only $24.95!!

I have the other 88 Coastal Scents matte palette and thought the colors were a bit too chalky for me, but the metallics in this kit are soft and blend nicely.

Let’s take a closer look at what I used on a typical Friday Rock N’ Roll night!


Make Up For Ever – 5 Camouflage Cream Palette – No. 1 : I dabbed this where I had problem areas such as zits, discoloration, etc. I tend to use very sparlingly under my eyes because everything I use cakes up under there.

Eyeshadow Look

Make Up For Ever – Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation – No. 30 – Porcelain : I used a round, flat top foundation brush (apparently hard to find) to apply the liquid foundation. I never use my hands or sponges! I then used PURE cornstarch right out of my kitchen to set my makeup. I sometimes like to use this as a translucent setting powder.


Since this was the most time-consuming and difficult part, I will try to explain in detail. I forgot to use an eyeshadow base! I usually use Urban Decay Primer potion, but this time I was in a rush, so it slipped my mind!

Contouring and Shaping:

I first “mapped out” the shape I wanted on the bottom lid. I colored my entire bottom lid and winged out edges with the Urban Decay 24 / 7 eyeliner pencil in a bright metallic teal shade called Electric. I do this to create a guideline.. it really helps! I used a basic, flat eyeshadow brush to apply a teal shade (from my Metal Mania Coastal Scents palette) to the lower lids and up into the crease area, right over the top of my Urban Decay pencil. I wiped off the brush (or you can grab another clean brush) and applied the bright metallic white color to the inner corners of my eyes using the Metal Mania palette.
Metallic Eyeshadow Look

Crease Shape:

For the deep crease color, I mixed MAC Aquadisiac (med. sea green/blue) and MAC Typographic (matte dark gray, almost black) with the NARS angled eyeshadow crease brush. I applied about three coats of the mixture to the crease, making very short and soft blending motions with the long tip of the angle pointed downwards. With the MAC 219 pencil definer brush, I then dabbed into a black matte shadow, MAC Carbon, just into the deep crease line and blended softly with the MAC 222 Tapered Blending brush.
Metal Mania Palette The yellow highlight wasn’t as hard as I imagined. I used MAC matte eyeshadow, Chrome Yellow. I dabbed VERY LIGHTLY with a stiff flat head shadow brush from Bare Escentuals, the Chrome Yellow right above the crease line; I did NOT blend, I only tapped the brush lightly. You can go in and lightly blend the yellow, but if you do it too much, the colors will become muddy and look not so pretty!

Right under my brow, I used the Benefit Cosmetics cream pencil, High Brow, then dabbed the bright metallic white white right on top.

The Brows:

MAC Impeccable Dirty Blonde Eyebrow Pencil.

Liner & Mascara:

Maybelline Ultra Liquid Liner in black on top lid, MAC Chromaline in black on inner rims (Pro product). Mascara is Rimmel Lash Maxx comb wand mascara.
Metal Mania Right over the bottom liner, I applied the darkest metallic shade in the Metal Mania palette with the MAC pencil brush. It gives the look a little sparkle and a little more smoky look on the bottom lash line.

As usual.. I was too damned lazy to put lashes on. I totally would have if I had more time!

Bronzer: MAC Refined Golden; Blush: Mark cosmetics After Glo blush; Lips: Urban Decay Lip Liner in Naked and Mark Cosmetics Juice Gems lipgloss in Honeydew.

I sell Mark Cosmetics! Click here to check out my store!


I had just finished toning my hair with White Lady from Wella.

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