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My Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks for Gals in their 30s

Don’t you love it when you discover a new beauty flaw in the mirror? When I do, I think, “Oh great, time to hit the internet and start searching for solutions to fine lines, sagging eyelids, double chins and more!” Aging sucks and it seems to happen overnight… actually, most of it does happen overnight.

People never guess my age right (if my skin is looking good) but I’ll be happy to hear that I don’t look a day over 25. I know for sure that a lot of it could be my good genes and my oily skin keeping me preserved. My parents both looked young in their 60s, my dad had only a few wrinkles around his eyes at 65, my mom has very little lines around her eyes at 62. Both of them used sunscreen (not in their youth, but started in their 40s) and spent a lot of time outdoors. I’ve been guiding some of my Facebook pals on anti-aging tricks and I’ve received good responses, so I guess I’m doing something right!

Morning Routine: Supplements: First thing I do when I wake up is eat and take my medication and vitamins. I don’t want to forget my High-Quality Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement, which is an excellent antioxidant. Alpha lipoic acid can neutralize free radicals which can damage cells. Free radical damage is thought to contribute to aging and chronic illness. I use Metagenics Meta Lipoate, 1 tablet per day. This brand is a rec from my doctor, who told me to never buy anything from GNC! She told me to use only high-quality medical-grade supplements. I purchase all of my supplements from, which has great sales and good prices to begin with. I also take Carlson Labs Super Omega-3 Fish Oil to benefit my heart.
Skin Care: I used to have regular facials until I purchased my Clarisonic Mia skincare brush. This brush not only exfoliates the dead skin cells off of your face, but it removes gunk from clogged pores like a dream. My pores have become visibly smaller since using this pulsing brush daily in the shower. It takes one minute to use! I recently switched from a gel based cleanser to a cream based cleanser in the morning and have noticed a lot more moisture in my skin and less flakiness. I am currently using Purist Hydrating Hibiscus Creamy Cleanser which removes dirt and pollutants without stripping my skin of moisture.

After I have cleansed my skin, I use a very light custom made moisturizer that contains all-natural ingredients with no fragrances added. Sometimes I will use Strivectin Anti-Wrinkle Cream if I feel that my skin need a major boost (It’s really expensive, so I use it sparingly). I ideally should be using the Strivectin everyday to see better results, but I went in over my head and spent a lot on a small tube…over $100 bucks! Some people use sunscreen at this point in their routine, but I do not since my skin does not like too much titanium dioxide. I rely on my full-coverage foundation for sunprotection: Boots No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation is my current favorite foundation, and probably the best one I’ve ever used and contains very little titanium dioxide. I set my foundation with the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder , which is another quality product that I can’t do without.

Eye Care: I use eye cream 2x per day starting right when I get up to combat puffiness and at night before bed. I have a lot of different eye creams by different brands, I can’t say I am addicted to just one because they all seem to be okay. Among the bunch of them, I use: Elizabeth Arden Millenium Eye Renewal Cream , Benefit Eyecon, MAC Fast Response Eye Cream and Strivectin Eye Cream. I combine the eyecream with a small dot of a pink liquid corrective concealer (discontinued MAC product) and use that to brighten my under eye and top lid areas. I wait a few moments for that to dry and then I apply Urban Decay Primer Potion to prep my eyeshadow colors.
Care through the day & Body Care: I do use sunscreen on my body, concentrating on arms and legs if they are exposed. I will confess that I forget to use it a lot and I’ve damaged some of my delicate chest skin as a result. This summer, I plan to slather on the sunscreen DAILY.. even on the tops of my hands. I use my Maybelline powder to blog throughout the day. If I am going out in the sun to a concert or a place where I will be standing around in the sun, I’ll bring a heavier foundation powder containing SPF like my Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 34 PA+++ , which I only use when I really need it since my skin breaks out from the high SPF content. I can’t ever say this enough.. SUNGLASSES. When you go out into the sun, you squint, and yes, this causes wrinkles.

Other advice from Mom & me: Lighten up! Your hair, that is! Time and time again people tell me I look several years younger because of my blondeness. My hair was black with red streaks, which of course, people thought I was a lot younger with that hair style, but I wanted a more professional style for work, so I ditched the red and went for black hair with platinum blonde streaks. So many people said that I should do my whole head blonde that I went for it and LOVE IT. It’s such hard work, seriously. I paid for a professional to touch up my roots and they really only had time to do half of my roots because my haircut and flat iron work takes a long time. My roots were still brassy and figured I am still better off touching them up at home. I touch up my roots every 2 to 3 weeks and I tone my hair about every week or so with either a vegetable-based toner or toning shampoo. Even just getting streaks done or cute bangs have made all the difference. I am aware that blonde hair isn’t for everyone, but trying a new hair color, or even a daring red color, might just take the years off!

Mom said that a good self-tanner has helped to make her feel younger (she’s gone blonde, too!) because of it’s slimming effects and the fact that you basically can hide your flaws with it. With a self-tanner, you can mask varicose veins, age spots, bruising and give yourself a healthy glow. If you aren’t into self-tanners, there are also bronzing lotions that you can wash off or shimmering lotions with a subtle glow.

Mom’s other advice is to avoid shimmery lipstick if your lips have deep creases or wrinkles, she likes to use matte or creamy lipsticks, but doesn’t use gloss since it tends to run.

Less is more. Although I don’t like going out in public without my “face” on, many say that I look younger without makeup on. There are days when I just do mascara, blush and lip gloss if I am running late. If I could only get used to it, I’d have more time in my day to do other things! Highlighting and sculpting the features also plays a huge role in defying your age. I always use a highlighting stick, like Benefit High Brow, under my brows to give them a quick ” lift “.

BIG no-nos!!! The worst thing I’ve ever done to myself to amplify my age was put powder under my eyes. I accidentally got my face powder right under my eyes and it dried the skin out and created this really bad wrinkle effect. Some gals notice this if they use powder anywhere on their face. If you have to set your makeup, you can use a loose powder with a big fluffy brush and it will disperse the powder evenly and lightly on the face, just don’t put any near the eye area.

Nighttime Rituals: Here are a few things I do to keep my face in good shape before bed!

– I use a very gentle product when removing my eye makeup. Makeup wipes work the best for me, especially the MAC makeup wipes. I still use my Clarisonic Mia skincare brush to remove my face makeup with a bit of stronger soap, I use the Basis brand gel cleanser and it removes just about every trace of foundation. I tone my skin with the Proactiv toner since I am acne prone. I do use the Proactiv system a few times per week to keep acne at bay.

Retin-A is one of my favorite anti-aging skincare products. I have a prescription for a high strength Retinol product, but you can also find face care products with Retinol in them like Alpha Hydrox Retinol ResQ. I only use Retinol a few times per week before bed. When I wake up, my skin looks renewed and the tone is even. I love it!! Take caution when using Retinol because it causes your skin to become sensitive to waxing.. even eyebrows! The Retinol is in your system! If you purchase any Retinol products, please read the directions and warnings very carefully.

– I try to remember to put my eye cream on!

Sleep on your back. Yes, this is a little obsessive, but I learned from Charo (coochie, coochie!) to sleep on your back to prevent wrinkles. Gravity pulls your skin downward… so defy gravity while you sleep! If you do sleep on your side, etc. try using a satin pillow so that you do not press any cotton wrinkle marks into your skin. Yes.. like I said, this is for the beauty obsessed! Another beauty obsession rule is to never rest your face on your hand, that can also stretch the skin.

Get 8 hours or more rest! Ever heard of beauty sleep!?

– No smoking, no booze, drugs, drink plenty of water, blah blah.. just common sense, but it all does help. If you smoke, consider trying an electronic cigarette (this link will get you 10% off!) ! Sounds far fetched, but myself, my friends and many people reporting online have said that the “e-cig” is just as good if not better than smoking a regular cigarette. Try GreenSmoke e-cigarettes, they contain NO tar or carbon monoxide. Go to the GreenSmoke website for more info on that.. and change your life!

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11 Responses to My Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks for Gals in their 30s

  1. I was searching how to get rid of yellow/red tones and found ur site. I am so glad I did! I love your anti-aging tips and how you break everything down. I am a beauty product junkie!! Love your stuff! Thanks a million

  2. I just stumbled upon your site. Is there a place where you have written how you achieved the make up look (specifically eyes) from the pic at the top of this article? Or do you have more pics of this look somewhere? We have similar looks and coloring and I want to emulate this look!
    Great article! Today I actually had a 20 year old ask me what I do to look this young and my response was very similar to this article, except I have dry skin so I just slather on products. I am 32 and often surprise people when I tell them. I am very jealous you have a Clarisonic! I hope to get a Clarisonic Plus soon, I work at Sephora so I get a discount. 🙂
    One more thing, I have to say I’m surprised you didn’t say anything about the proper way to apply product around the eyes. At work, I’m very surprised about the amount of women who don’t know that you should pat your products on with your ring finger (I guess I take this tidbit of knowledge for granted). 1 – because your ring finger has the shortest muscles and therefore applies the least amount of pressure, 2 – because rubbing, pulling, or tugging promotes wrinkles. I’m sure it’s not easy to write articles like this and remember everything little thing, and maybe I place more importance on this particular piece of advice than you do. Please don’t take this wrong, I think you wrote an excellent article! I apologize in advance if you did put it and I missed it. I look forward to checking out more of your site!

    • Hi there, Rachel! Yes, it is very time consuming to go into grand detail about applying products, and I apologize for not mentioning the “ring finger” trick, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a million times as a makeup artist to someone in person. It is different when you are writing it by memory.

  3. Love. You gave great advice when I asked you previously and have used the products you suggested religiously.

    • hahah.. I think I’ve seen your satin pillowcase! hahah! My grandma has them too. It also keeps your hair from getting frizzy durning the night. Yup.. Dr. Perricone is the shiz!

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