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MAC Autumn/Winter 2010 London Style Report

I’ve already covered the fierce makeup trends in New York (thanks to MAC!) now, we are jetting to London to take a look at what Fall & Winter has in store! Look for the super-muted out eyebrows, some are even matted out with powder. Is this the new trend for Fall 2010, the anti-brow revolution?


“It’s a ‘summer makeup in a winter palette’ – there’s a gothic sensibility (inspired by Dracula) yet still a real lightness and softness to the look.” – Georgina Graham

Studio Finish Skin Corrector Concealer in Ochre and Caramel – apply in sheer ‘squ-oval’ shape
Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder – buff into the centre of the lid and into inner corners

Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 – apply as a primer
Face and Body Foundation
Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder – blend along the bridge of nose and cupid’s bow

Cunning (Coming Fall 2010) or Desire Lipstick – dapple onto lips for a light stain


“The inspiration for the clothes and hair is ‘ghetto girl’ so we wanted to take a step back with the makeup: it’s simply beautiful, tanned and glowing.” – Lucia Pica

Cream Color Base in Mid-Toned Sepia – blend over the lids and beneath the lower lashes
Studio Fix Lash in Studio Brown – comb through the top lashes only

Face and Body Foundation – apply one shade deeper than natural skin tone
Cream Color Base in Bronze and Mid Toned Sepia – mixed together and buffed into the cheekbones, temples and forehead with a soft 168 brush
Beauty Balm, or Mineralize All Over Lotion – smooth over cheekbones, collarbones and on the inner corners of the eye

Lip Conditioner


“Junkie gypsies and Rahjasthani young brides, with an artistic feel. They’re strong, passionate girls. I’m reflecting the colouring and layering in the collection with multiple textures and shades for a real artisan feel” — Florrie White

Eyeshadow in Tete-A-Tint– blended quickly all over the lid and beneath the eye imprecisely
Eyeshadow In Palace Pedigreed (Available Fall 2010)-washed over the brow bone and lower lash line
Eye Kohl in Smolder– to thickly and messily line the lower lashes”
Gloss Texture– painted under the lower lashes as a base for the glitter
Glitter in 3d Gold, Copper, Reflects Very Pink– randomly blended beneath the eyes
Lip Pencil in Redd– dotted on the inner corners of the eye, topped with Gloss Texture and a small cut out of red reflective paper
No Mascara
Brow Set in Clear– to brush up brows

Face and Body Foundation– applied to the face
Select Moisture Cover Concealer– applied where needed
Blushcreme in Laid Back– dabbed across the cheeks
Gloss Texture– layered over the blush

Blushcreme in Laid Back– patted onto the lips for a stain


“We wanted her to look like she’s survived something (nothing too tragic though! – could just be a night out), it’s more a mood than a makeup, using skin products more than actual colours”- Andrew Gallimore

Studio Finish Skin Corrector in Deep Brown– an almost black, with a burgundy tint to it which gives the eye a shapeless smoky stain blended into the lash lines and lid and really blowing it out
Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved– layered on top of the top and bottom lash lines to give the smokyness extra depth
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
– brushed through the brows

Studio Sculpt Foundation– applied to the face for a flawless eggshell finish, one shade lighter on the cheekbones for a textureless highlight

Studio Sculpt Foundation– the tiniest amount just to bring their colour down


“It’s tribal chic – the clothes are already very powerful so I wanted the makeup to have a simple statement that’s still bold and modern” Makky
look5_2 look5_2
On darker skin tones:
Chromaline in White– applied in a slight 50’s shape very precisely on the upper lash line
Gesso Eye Shadow– worked on top of the Chromaline
Eye Brows in Spiked or Stud– to create a strong, bold brow

On lighter skin tones:
Water Base Mixing Medium and Pigment in Silver– blended to create a metallic silver liner, also painted in a slightly 50s shape

Face and Body Foundation
Invisible Set Powder– for a very perfect, very matte skin
Iridescent Loose Powder in Golden Bronze– to highlight the cheeks and the bridge of the nose on darker skin tones
Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle– to highlight the cheeks and bridge of the nose on lighter skin tones

Lip Pencil in Chestnut– drawn precisely around the mouth and blended inwards
Ebony Eye Pencil– used in place of Chestnut on darker skin tones
Pro Paintstick in Black Black– to fill in the lip


“She’s a chic, polished lady but still got a bit of quirky attitude. I was inspired by a shot of a dust track in Ethiopia in Traveller magazine Autumn 09, taken by Marco Paoluzzo” — Lisa Houghton

look5_3 look5_3

Eye Shadow in Wild by Nature– washed all over the eye lid
Eye Shadow in Fresh Water-blended through the crease
Paint Stick in Marine Ultra– dabbed onto the inner corners of the eye, and along the socket line, before being powdered to set
Eye Shadow in Shag– taken beneath the lower lashes for soft definition
Black Prolash Mascara– applied top and bottom lashes

Studio Moisture Fix– a light layer applied to prime the skin
Studio Fix and Face and Body Foundations– applied to the face for well groomed skin
Prep + Prime Powder– all over “for a really buffed finish that references the powdery texture I want to keep on the face”
Sculpt Sculpting Powder– under the cheekbones “for a taupe, womanly feel”

Blushcreme in Uncommon mixed with Lip Erase in Dim– blended and patted on the mouth for a “healthily nude, polished lip”

Stay tuned for the  Milan and Paris report from MAC pro artists! While you wait, please comment below! What do you think of the muted brow? Are you going to try it?

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