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New Design – Same Stuff!

Nope, you are not going crazy! has been re-designed into a fab new place to be! I decided a few days ago that I needed a bit of an update, a little more sophisticated look, so I went for it. After fixing many bugs and tweaking fonts, colors and spacing, I finally figured it all out. There are probably some issues here and there that I gotta fix, but I went ahead and launched the new site anyway. The navigation is now on the right, in case you wondered where the heck it went.

Updates to come soon.. I have my Sephora haul from the weekend.. still testing everything out! =)

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3 Responses to New Design – Same Stuff!

  1. YAY! I really wanted it to be easier to navigate. I am still messing with it, I want to organize the product reviews into a category somehow. It’s gonna take some work and time, but I’ll eventually get to it. I am STILL waiting for my MAC Viva Glam lipsticks and of course I will be taking pics of those! I am still evaluating my Sephora purchases.. hang in there (looking for pimples, don’t see any yet, that’s a good sign!)

  2. I love your website Krista! I found it when I was googling Maybelline Lash Stylist when it was first discontinued and have been following you every since. The new website looks beautiful. Looking forward to your reviews!


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