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M.A.C All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection 2010

All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection 2010

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection
Hmm.. I thought MAC said brows were OUT for Spring ? Uhhh.. “makeup” your mind.

Anyway, here is what has to say about this new collection, which to me, looks like brows decided they were back in for next season, but I do see how this still fits with the “Unglamour” theme:

” Intent on a universal focus, a collection that extends our range with new shades to match every international skin tone. But that’s not all. Because brows speak louder than words, two new products to help you express their style. In every language these are wow! ”

Product List:

Limited Edition Eyeshadow:
Click on a swatch for details.

All Races Cool light mauve taupe (Matte)
Banshee Dirty taupe with frost and sparkle diamond cluster (Lustre)
Cross Cultural Dark dirty yellow brown (Matte)
Showstopper (One of my favorites is back! I love this color) Deep blackened brown (Matte)

Limited Edition Brow Set:

MAC Brow Set

Mink Dirty brown brush-on gel that grooms and slicks brows into shape without flaking or stiffening the brows. Also available in clear.

Limited Edition Pigment:

MAC Pigment

Click on a swatch for details.

Universal Mix Sparkly white gold (Frost)
Rich Life (Not limited edition) Dark cool brown with silver (Frost)

Limited Edition Lipstick Shades:

Limited Edition Lipstick Shades by MAC

Click on a swatch for details.
Equality Creamy pale yellow beige (Lustre)
Myself Light dirty mauve with traveling pearl (Lustre) ( I want this! )
Empowered Creamy mid-tone neutral brown (Satin)
5N Plumy sheer brown (Lustre)

Limited Edition Tinted Lipglass Shades:

MAC Tinted Lipglass

Click on a swatch for details.
Naked Frost Sheer taupe with silver pearl (Frost)
Glamour For All Sheer pale baby pink with pearl (Frost) (I want this!)
Spirit & Soul Frosted dark cool brown (Frost)
Liqueur Frosted mid-tone pink brown (Frost)

Beauty Powder Blush Shades:

MAC Beauty Powder Blush

Click on a swatch for details.
Personal Style Light mauve taupe
All’s Good (Not limited edition) Cool deep rose

Not Pictured:

Impeccable Brow Pencil: Taupe, Dirty Blonde, Blonde, and Black.

Penultimate Brow Marker: Universal

Eye Brows (Self-sharpening pencil): Lingering , Spiked.

Blot Powder / Pressed : Light , Medium, Med/Dark, Deep Dark


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