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Dior & Lancome 2010 Spring Collections – More Lace!

Everyone seems to be jumping on the lace bandwagon, including MAC & Christian Dior.. god knows who else!

Dior Dentelle Collection Spring 2010

Dior Dentelle Spring 2010

Getting the lace on your face is probably the awkward part, the makeup shouldn’t be!

Dior Dentalle 2010 Spring
Dior Poudrier Dentelle $55 at

Cuuuute as hell, isn’t it? It’s the Dior Spring 2010 Dentelle Collection, and it’s available right now!

Dior Dentelle Blush
Dior Poudrier Dentelle $55 at says:

Straight from the dressing table of a 1920’s coquette is Dior Lace Highlighting Powder, an ultra-feminine compact featuring a vintage Dior lace pattern inside and out. The sleek silver packaging holds a soft pink powder inside that adds a touch of shimmer on face and décolleté.

Dior Diorblush Dentelle
Dior Diorblush Dentelle $40 at says:

Embossed with a vintage Dior lace pattern, a pretty duo of warm rose and peach gives cheekbones a natural-looking flush. Sweep on one shade or both together for a soft glow.
Dior 5 Color Iridescent Dentelle
Dior 5 Color Iridescent Dentelle $57 at

I’m really loving these colors!! Just when I thought silver and purple were the “it” colors for Spring.. I saw the next collection —

Lancome O My Rose Collection 2010

Lancome O My Rose 2010

I am a huge coral fan, and to see that the color is coming back, along with deep sea greens and golds, I am more than excited to start experimenting with these new looks.
Lancome O My Rose Pop 'n Cheeks Blush
An abstract rose adorns the design of this blush.. the colors are amazing! This is the Lancome Pop ‘n Cheeks Blush. Will I toss my Benefit Coralista to the curb when I try this? Maybe, maybe not!
Pop N Copper Lancome
Lancome Pop ‘n Copper Eyeshadow Palette.. gorgeous orange/rose shades.Lancome Pop n Petrol
Lancome Pop ‘n Petrol Eyeshadow Palette.. haven’t really tried these color combos before, it is interesting look that I am willing to try!Lancome KOHL eyeliner
Lancome Le Khôl Gloss High-Shine Eye Pencil in Pop Petrol (available in B.B. Sand) a sexy sea green eye pencil.
Lancome O My Rose Baby Kiss
Lancome BaBy Kiss lip colour in Coral Madraque (Not sure how this thing works or if it’s available in other colors.. it looks pretty though!)
Lancome Pop Petrol Nail ColorLancome O My Rose Nail Color
(From Left to Right) Lancome Le Vernis Colour and Shine Nail Polish in Pop Petrol, Le Vernis Colour and Shine Nail Polish in B.B. Sand. These nail polish colors match the eyeliner shades! Unusually beautiful colors!

Items not pictured:

  • Ink Artliner in Pop Petrol
  • Le Khôl Gloss in Pop Petrol and B.B. Sand
  • Flash Retouche in Universal Light
  • Le Crayon Khôl in Pop Petrol
  • La Laque Fever in Coral Bliss and Swinging Copper
  • Hypnôse Drama in Pop Petrol

This collection will be available in Feb, 2010. I will update with more information and links when the product becomes available online. What do you guys think? I think it’s really pretty and I am dying to try this dark sea green look on the eyes.

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