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Happy Christmas – Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know I am taking a little vacation, so I won’t be posting for maybe a week or so. If anything super exciting comes up, or if I get the itch to do some type of tutorial (New Year’s Eve makeup!?) I will def. post something up for ya!

Christmas shopping is almost done, still have a little bit more to do.. I wonder if I am going to get some of those cool Sephora gifts that I asked for?? My fiance saw my list and was like, “OH GOD.. more makeup???” I didn’t really ask for makeup! I asked for girly tools like the Clairisonic MIA skin brush and a gigantic makeup train case. We will see what happens. I got him everything HE wanted, so why can’t I get the same in return? EH??? We will see.

Krista Dior is blonde!

Merry Christmas.. yes, I am blonde with a bit of strawberry blonde going on. No more black left in my hair!

Makeup Shown: Maybelline Super Stay Foundation, MAC Hodgepodge pencil on brows, MAC White Glitter on eyes applied with eyelash glue, MAC Chromaline in Black Black eyeliner on inner rims, Lancome Miracle Juicy Tube Lipgloss (faded from pink to white over time), Lancome Fatale Mascara, Bare Minerals Blush.

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