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Twilight “New Moon” Cosmetics – Luna Twilight

Ok, so umm.. I can understand a movie like Twilight coming out with a soundtrack.. getting a little cheesy with a clothing line.. but a cosmetics line?? Straight RIDDICK! “Ohh , look at me.. I am wearing ‘I heart Edward’ glitter gloss #2′..”

Ok, so I am not a tween, but I think the tweens are going to beg and scream for this to go into their stockings this holiday season:

Twilight “New Moon” Cosmetics – Luna Twilight:

Luna Twilight Cosmetics

With products like “Mortal Glow” Blushing creme, and DuWop Lip Venom’s vial o’ blood lip plumper (not really the name, I’m just being a smartass), you can’t go wrong with making the tweens squeal with glee over even more Twilight crap. (Thinking back to when I was 15, I wanted everything and anything with Joey Joe’s face on it from New Kids on the Block) Yeah, I guess I understand, but.. ehh.. from a 30-something perspective, it’s so LAME!!! Let me know if this crap is any good.

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8 Responses to Twilight “New Moon” Cosmetics – Luna Twilight

  1. Actually, the Luna Twilight line is great….and I am 33. I am naturally pale, as many people say I have skin like porcelin. The shades in the Luna line compliment my tone very well, without looking ghoulish. No, I do not want to look like a ghoulish vampire. I don’t cake dark eyeshadow under my eyes, etc. But when used correctly it subtly enhances my naturally pale skin, and it looks great. I get countless compliments on my “tween” makeup/ By the way….why does everyone think it’s only “tweens” who enjoy the Twilight story? It spans many ages, even women in their 60’s!

  2. I cannot get enough of the movie Twilight. This is the best movie that i have ever watched. I love the chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson –

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