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Dita Von Teese – Pin Up Girl – Makeup Tutorial – Halloween Makeup

Dita Von Teese

I am doing this for a friend who requested a pin-up girl look for Halloween, I know she likes Dita Von Teese, so I chose that look for her (I might do another one if I have time this weekend) since it’s really simple to do and you can get dramatic results pretty easily.

Maybelline Superstay 24Hr Makeup in Sand Beige

I decided to try my new foundation, Maybelline Superstay 24Hr Makeup in Sand Beige. This color is pretty pale considering the name “Sand Beige” ($9.99). I really love the consistency of this foundation and it goes on beautifully. I am basically comparing this to Revlon Colorstay, which is probably what this product is trying to compete with. I will say that this foundation is good, but it is not great. I still haven’t given it enough of a chance to see if it will break me out or if it “outlasts” Colorstay. I am pleased with the color match because it is not too yellow like the other foundations I have been using.

Maybelline Superstay Foundation

Super EMO in that pic?? Anyway, yeah, as you can see I am tired and wishing I could sleep, my eyes look like crap… but the coverage of that foundation ROCKS. If you want to go for that super pale Dita complexion, you might need the lightest foundation in this line, perhaps Porcelain Ivory and adding a white powder or cornstarch powder.

Bare Escentuals Natural Light Powder

I wanted to add a nice glow to my skin, so I chose Bare Escentuals Natural Light Highlighting Duo. You can use any type of shimmer powder product that goes with your skin tone. Don’t use too much or you will end up looking oily and greasy! Just a bit on the cheek bones, forehead, bridge of nose and chin.

The next part, which was the trickiest part for me, was matching the eyebrow shape:

Dita Von Teese Makeup Tutorial

Her brows are definitely filled in, as you can see in the pic that I posted of her. Her brows seem to float on top of her natural brow so she can get that high arch. What I did was the same technique as I normally do on my brows (click here for that tutorial) but I added a little bit of a rounded dip in the front bottom part of my brow and a pointier triangle arch. I also stopped the tail end of my brow in alignment with the end of the corner of my eye.  I will admit, I used a few spit-soaked q-tips to refine and shape my brow as my hands were not in the surgical precision kind of mood. The arch is somewhat hard to match on both sides, but with some practice, you will be able to master these. I suggest that you practice your brows ahead of time so you aren’t struggling on Halloween to get these right.

If you have thick brows or brows that you would rather cover up first, (do not attempt to shave off your brows!)  there is an amazing tutorial on YouTube featuring a glue stick, concealer and painting on your brows. Click here for a tutorial on how to conceal your brows so you can draw them back on however you wish!

Revlon Eyebrow Clear Gel

I used a bit of Revlon eyebrow gel in clear to comb and set my brows. I brushed them upwards and then to the sides to keep the hairs in place. It also helps keep your brow powder or paint on. I also suggest if you are going out to a party or dancing, to use some makeup sealant, I use Irene Gari Lipstick Sealer to waterproof my makeup. (Click this link to go to the Irene Gari product page, there is also an eyebrow gel available! Reasonable prices!) You may also try Benefit Cosmetics She-Laq if you don’t mind spending $30. The product lasts years, but there are still cheaper makeup sealers out there.

MAC Brule Matte Eyeshadow
MAC Brule Satin Eyeshadow

Next, I applied MAC Brule satin finish eyeshadow over the top of an eyeshadow primer, like Urban Decay Primer Potion. The eyeshadow should be lighter than your skintone and a matte (no shimmer) finish. It gives you a really clean and sophisticated look when paired with the heavy black liner that will go on next!

Below my brow bone, I used Benefit Cosmetics High Brow highlighter pencil, you can also use any matte white or off-white highlighting shadow which is lighter than the shadow you used on your bottom lid. I also used the High Brow pencil to brighten my under eye area by dotting on a few spots of the product and blending it in with a very thin eye cream. (I used Benefit Cosmetics Ooh La Lift eye brightening and tightening product)

MAC Chromaline in Black Black

Next you want to get out the big guns.. the eyeliner. I prefer to use either a gel / cream or liquid liner for this look. I do not use pencil on my upper lid because I just can’t get it precise enough. For this tutorial, I used the new MAC Chromaline gel liner in Black Black. You want this liner to be matte and not shimmery. It can be shiny if you wish, but I prefer the matte look for this pin-up girl style. I also saw that Wet ‘N Wild has a new creme liner and I haven’t tried it yet, but if you are on a budget, I’d say give it a try. I used the Benefit Cosmetics Bent eyeliner brush. The hairs on this brush are stiff enough to pick up and apply enough product.

MAC Chromaline Black Black

I started from the inner corner of my eye, applying pressure paint the gel liner across my lid, as close to my lash line as possible. I stopped once I got to the end of my eye. If the line isn’t thick enough, don’t worry, you can build up the line, but if you think it’s too much, you may have to use a makeup remover cloth to remove it all. Oops! Start small and build your way up to the line thickness you desire.

MAC Chromaline Black Black

Next you are going to apply your winged tip to the end of your line. This takes MUCH practice if you have never attempted to do this before. I started off with a small wing and built it up to a thicker wing.

MAC Chromaline Black Black

MAC Chromaline in Black Black with Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara

I decided to speed the tutorial up a bit since my camera was running out of battery power, and I have NO idea where the plug is to charge it. Oops. So anyway, I kept building up my eyeliner, since if you notice, Dita’s eyeliner looks like it covers her entire eye. It probably is not, but it is a very thick line. I applied a thick and full coat of mascara, which was the Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara comb(discontinued) mixed with Maybelline XXL Volume and Length mascara, which is a very black mascara, which is what you want. I really do recommend fake lashes for this look, but I was running out of time. I highly recommend these lashes: Ardell Accent Lashes #305.

Ardell Accent Lashes 305

These are corner lashes that give you a gorgeous winged out look. I loooove these lashes so much and will not use anything else. I also love the MAC Hello Kitty lashes, but those were a limited edition product and more expensive than the Ardell version. I also applied my fake beauty mark to the side of my eye, directly in line with the tip of my eyebrow.

MAC Cosmetics Chromaline Black BlackMAC Cosmetics Chromaline Black Black Gel LinerMAC Chromaline Black Black and Maybelline XXL Volume Mascara

To polish off my eye look, I applied Benefit Cosmetics Mr. Frosty shimmering white eye pencil to the waterline (bottom inner rim) of my eye as well as under my lash line. You can use any type of white eyeliner for this look, I also recommend the Paladio’s white pencil which you can find at CVS pharmacy and Long’s Drugs. Click here for more info. I also applied a very thin and precise coat of mascara to my bottom lashes.

MAC Frankly Scarlette BlushMAC Frankly Scarlette Matte Blush

Next, I used a bit of MAC Frankly Scarlette matte blush, which is a vivid red rose, more on the pink side. I used a very light application since this blush is heavily pigmented.

Benefit Cosmetics Gypsy Liner and Elizabeth Arden Red 01 Lip Liner

The lips are the second hardest part of this tutorial. It took me a while to get the liner just right. I am not used to wearing lip liner, so it was a bit tricky at first. I used two different shades of lipliner because I wanted the darker outline. I used Benefit Cosmetics Gypsy lip liner as the darker outline color (which for some idiotic reason is discontinued) which is a darker brick red / brown shade, and Elizabeth Arden Red 01 lip pencil as the brighter inner shading color.

Benefit Cosmetics Gypsy and Elizabeth Arden Red 01
Benefit Cosmetics Gypsy lip liner and Elizabeth Arden Red 01Benefit Gypsy Lip Liner and Elizabeth Arden Red 01 and MAC Russian Red Tinted Lip Glass

For the finishing touches, I applied the infamous MAC Russian Red Tinted Lipglass.

I did not bother doing my hair since I spent all day dying and toning it (with an amazing hair dye that I will review soon) so here is just the finished face for you:

Dita Von Teese Makeup TutorialDita Von Teese Makeup TutorialDita Von Teese Makeup Tutorial

Did I miss anything?? I am exhausted. Two tutorials in one day!?!? Ughh. My camera is dead, I am dead. I can’t do another tutorial until I find that damned power cord. =( Love you guys, hope you enjoyed this. Happy Halloween!


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