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My Facial Appointment Discoveries

So I had an amazing facial today at a traveling spa RV that goes to corporate companies on a weekly basis. I had questions in my head that I hoped could be answered.. and they were!

First, I brought up the question about large pores. It seems like the reason why my skin is secreting oil (and why the large pores?) is because I am over working my skin with too many scrubs and harsh products. The aesthetician told me that Proactiv is too harsh for me to use daily, so I should cut down to a few times per week. Since I had already sort of been doing that and alternating with my gel cleansers, I asked her what other things I could do to cut the shine down off of my face. I told her I was using mousse mineral makeup and the mineral powder by Revlon and that Bare Minerals really broke me out bad when I had used it a long time ago. She suggested that I use Jane Iredale cosmetics if I want to go back into using mineral products.. but if you have read my blogs, you would know that I already own the liquid and the powder Jane Iredale collections. I wasn’t really impressed with the coverage and staying power, and the texture. Soo what to do? I’ve been breaking out along my jawline since I’ve been using the new Revlon mineral cosmetics, and I am totally pissed! Ughh.

So, I am going to start with my gentle scrubs only once per week or less, and sticking with my gel cleanser on most days, using Proactiv maybe twice per week. The lady also told me not to steam my face often either.. which I don’t anyway. She says the steam opens the pores, but allows the oils to come pouring out. She only used the steam to help the facial products penetrate my skin while she was working on me. I purchased a very light, oil-free moisturizer that I believe is her own brand, and I really like it so far. I told her that I am pretty sensitive to anything with Titanium Dioxide (SPF 15 and up) and that could be why I am breaking out from the Revlon Mousse Foundation, it’s SPF 20.

Sooo.. I am going to try one more foundation before I break the bank. I’ve been talking about this for years and haven’t had the balls to buy it. Chantecaille foundation is something I’ve wanted to try for so long, I should just freaking buy it already. Check out the line of foundation here: Future Skin is a oil-free gel foundation containing seaweed.. $68 for 1 oz. Yeah, that is a lot of money, but my skin is begging for something good.

Doing these monthly facials might be beneficial to me, especially since I did an amazing seaweed mask that left my face feeling like I was 8 years old.

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