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I just got a pair of Gucci sunglasses for $157

I am a sunglass freak! I love Chanel, D&G and Gucci sunglasses. I do not have a designer income, so I have a secret website where I shop for my lovely glasses. It’s not ebay! I’ve been burned so bad on ebay and other auction sites. I’ve gotten a fake pair of just about every brand and I have always been disappointed. When I got my first pair of D&G sunglasses that were real, you could tell the difference between fine quality and pieces of crap fakies.

I’ve been looking for something hot to go with my sort of blonde hair.. something hot and feminine, but not bulky. Ughh I found them. SO gorge!!!

Gucci Summer 2009 2846/S Gold and Brown

Lord have mercy, these glasses are hot. I don’t know what is going on with Ruthie Toothie in the background, but she needs to get the hell out of the picture and let these glasses shine! Why do I want to share my secrets with you bitches? Because I’m nice! So get ready! is my secret to cheap designer sunglasses. I found them while I was working, looking at sunglasses to feature on Yahoo! Shopping, and I saw how amazing and low the prices were and I started purchasing my eyewear there from then on. Those sunglasses above are retail priced at $295 on On – $174.89 PLUS a 10% discount when you enter the coupon code “summer10”. Free shipping.. NO tax.. so my total was: $157.40!!!!

I am so excited!! Please tell me you are going to take advantage of this end-of-summer sale! Thank me later!

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