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Gabriella Rocha Ballerina Slippers
Ok, so I’ve been into shoes lately and not makeup. There is always a stream of cash flow going in one direction, and that’s been high shine patent leather ballerina slippers.. in purple. I have an obsession with purple, red and gold lately. I smell a tutorial coming.

Besides my shoe fetish of the month, I’ve been noticing that I am getting a lot of views coming from LiveJournal lately. I did a little digging and found that I am either being linked on a journal or made fun of.. one or the other. There is one particular LiveJournal that I found, heh, one that makes fun of people who are goth or punk, and other people who tend to prefer alternative makeup styles. Now, I will admit that I found it funny at first, until I realized that I, myself, indeed.. may be listed on this journal as a “bad” makeup doer. I can’t find the post that I was listed on, but I find it quite amusing that this pathetic little girl wastes her time sifting through Google and Yahoo image searches to find pictures of people’s makeup. Ohhh.. if only the youth of today would spend their time learning something valuable. The bitch isn’t getting paid to write, so I don’t see how the journal can be of value to her. Difference between me and her.. I get paid.. she doesn’t. End of story. If you’re interested in seeing the blog, or perhaps are curious to see what she wrote about me (I still can’t find it) please view it here: LIveJournal BadMakeup

On with the show…

MAC.. oh dearest MAC, money sucker of my wallet. What do you, pray tell, have in store for me this Fall / Winter / Holiday.. lord. Thanks to the lovely lady at, I’ve seen a sneak peek.

MAC DSquared² Collection Launches on Oct 12th.

Well, I am seeing a huge trend with the bold lips. Dark burgundy, maroon, deep purple, reds, lots of serious kissers coming in the cold months ahead. I am not excited about dark lips, to be honest. I think it’s too high maintenance for me.. but after seeing the new MAC lip color, “Blood Red” I am dying to try on that deep berry shade and turn on True Blood to watch Sookie and Bill make out.

MAC In High Def Collection Coming next week, Sept. 10th

I love high def makeup even though I think that sometimes it’s a scam. The collection this season isn’t anything new, it’s basically the Face & Body Foundation, Mineralize powders and brushes. Whooopeee do. Been there and done that. I love it all, don’t get me wrong.. but we’ve seen this stuff.

For those who love Marc Jacobs fragrances (I have them all!), get excited about the new Lola fragrance, which is Daisy’s older sister. heheh! Gorge bottle and I have no idea what it smells like, but the bottle is to die for!!
Marc Jacobs Lola Fragrance

I also am interested in checking out the Sephora Perfect Ten Brush Set, which is a $150 value priced at only $72!! It looks like just about everything you need is included in the set.
Sephora Perfect Ten Brush Set

I just got the Beyond Belief Facial Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes from Sally Beauty Supply and I have to say.. fantastic! They are refreshing and just awesome quality for only $4.29!

Beyond Belief Facial Cleansing and Makeup Remover Towelettes

Enjoy your extended weekend, folks and I’ll be heading to the beach! (Then to Catalina Island later this month!)


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    • Uhm.. it is still hurtful to the people who end up with their pictures plastered on the site. Unskilled makeup job or not, these are people, not something to ridicule. Community.. oh really, so there is more than one idiot running this thing? Great.

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