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New at MAC Cosmetics! Dazzleglass Creme + Process Colour Collections

MAC Cosmetics Dazzleglass Creme Collection Fall 2009

Super sexy! I don’t need another gloss.. but these are HOT! MAC Cosmetics Dazzleglass Creme Collection Fall 2009: Nine shades of lustrous shimmering color. I am real tempted!

MAC Cosmetics Process Colour Collection

The new MAC Cosmetics Process Colour Collection is something I need to get my hands on STAT! You know I love color.. er.. colour. I am going to get the Process Magenta & Black Black Chromaline gel liners and possibly the Process Magenta Paint Stick. (I use those as a blush!) I already have pigments similar to the Process Magenta one, but that does look awesome!

Anyone in need of a boost of “colour”??

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