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MAC Cosmetics – Style Black Collection

Calling all goths! =)

I don’t know if I should be amazed or completely repulsed by the new collection by MAC, simply called Style Black. This collection emphasizes.. well.. black.

The pictures do ALL the talking:

MAC Cosmetics Style Black Collection

MAC Style Black Collection

Not sure what to be excited about unless you are running out of black eyeshadow.. I don’t use stick eyeliners (I use creme liners in glass pots, like MAC Blacktrack) and I haven’t worn black lipstick or gloss OR nail polish in years. This collection is for rockstars and possibly teens experimenting with their gothic or emo phase. hehheh!

The collection will consist of a black lipstick, black glosses with different pigments like black with gold pearl or purple pearl. There will also be a variety of black mineralize eye shadows and three nail laquers. (To see a more detailed look, check out

I have ALL the black products that I need for now, but thanks, MAC! This collection is released Sept. 24th!

More MAC product news coming soon! Keep checking back!


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  1. I think they should hire new product developers (or whatever they´re called) because these ones are running out of ideas, I don´t see the novelty in these products and the worst is that a lot of women are going to run and buy them, but to each their own I guess.

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