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Neon Pink Glitter Tutorial – Medusa’s Makeup

On my recent trip to the Torrid women’s clothing store at my local mall, I saw a collection of Medusa’s Makeup brand sitting in a bowl on the counter. I picked up the Medusa’s Makeup Neon Pink Glitter without hesitation because it was glowing and calling my name! Take a look at the pic below to see the amazingness:

Medusa's Makeup Neon Pink Glitter

A lot of you may be thinking how the heck to put a loose glitter shadow on your eyes and make it stick. I’ve had previous tutorials on glitter eye makeup, and I thought I would do one more because this stuff is pretty neat.

Medusa's Makeup Neon Pink Glitter on eyes

The tricky part is not getting the glitter all over your sink, clothes and face. Make sure you have some medical tape handy to clean up the mess off your face and regular masking tape works good on clothing and counter tops, floors, etc. Before you read the rest of this tutorial, I suggest you familiarize yourself with my medical tape method tutorial, which also includes a bit of information about applying glitter to the eyes: Lazy Gaga Glitter Tutorial with Medical Tape

Starting with an application of a light, depuffing eye cream (I used Benefit’s Eyecon) on the top lid of my eye as well as on my under eye area. I used the Sephora brand lipstick sealer called “Lip Last” as a mixing medium with the glitter. There are a million things out there you can use as a mixing medium such as eye lash glue (clear or white) and a number of makeup sealants on the market. I actually thought that the Sephora “Lip Last” worked best this time around for me and I think I will stick with this medium for a while. It doesn’t feel stiff or sticky at all and dried quickly.

I dropped a few drops of my mixing medium on the back of my hand along with a few shakes of the glitter. I used a synthetic concealer brush to pick the product up with and applied it in a patting motion to my eyes.. quickly. I also applied dry glitter to the top of what I applied wet to fill in all of the gaps. You are going to experience glitter falling on your face, which is fine. You may apply your medical tape below your eye before you apply the glitter or use it to pick the glitter off of your face.

After the glitter is dry and looking good, you may add a contour color or leave it as-is. You could actually apply your crease contour color before you apply the glitter, but I decided to do it all backwards. I dunno! I used MAC Carbon eyeshadow with a pointed pencil brush, WITH the medical tape in place:

MAC Carbon Eye shadow on outer corners

Neon Pink Glitter Tutorial

Pardon my bloodshot eyes, I went to bed at 6 am! I’ve been quite an insomniac lately, but it’s summertime and I get really restless.

Maybelline Lash Stylist and Ultra Liner

I applied.. very carefully.. Maybelline Ultra Liquid Liner in Waterproof. You may wait til the product dries and then apply a matte black eyeshadow, like MAC Carbon, over the top to smooth out the gaps that happen when the liner skips over the glitter – use a stiff angled brush. I applied one coat of Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara (discontinued) on top and bottom.

Neon Glitter Eyeshadow Tutorial

Neon Pink Glitter Eye shadow Tutorial

The finished product! I thought a nice purple – plum lip would be cute with the shadow. I could have gone the route of matching my lips to my eyes, but I wanted the shadow to stand out!

Foundation: Mixed Fresh Umbrian Clay foundation with Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation. Diorskin loose mineral powder applied on top with flocked sponge applicator (applies a thicker coat as opposed to using a brush).

Blush: Paul & Joe #37 blush (bright frosty pink) with a very light application of MAC Frankly Scarlet matte blush.

Lips: MAC Sweetbrown Cremestick lip liner , MAC Violetta lipstick , Smashbox Pout lip gloss, which is a milky white pink lipgloss that mutes the vibrancy of the Violetta lipstick.

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  1. Hi! just wanted to say thanks for posting this, I got inspired and wore some glitter today because of you! You made it seem easy to wear glitter creating this very wearable look. I linked you on my blog so that people could see where I got the inspiration. Just wanted to let you know 🙂
    I think your looks are fantastic, you have amazing skills. Keep it up!

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