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The Magic of White Eyeliner

My party girl days are over, but bloodshot Sunday morning eyes still seem to follow me. I have to go shopping for work clothes today, and I need to look cute when I shop for clothes. I hate dressing rooms, I hate trying on jeans, and if my hair and makeup look cute, it helps put me in a better mood when subjecting myself to torture like trying on tight pants under harsh artificial lighting.

I decided to bust out my trusty Palladio white eyeliner that I purchased at Long’s drugs quite a while ago for $3. (Click here to learn more about Palladio’s products) I really love using white pencils on the inner rims of my eyes, inner corners or draw underneath my brow to create a highlight.

Palladio White Eyeliner

I used Urban Decay Primer Potion to prep my eyes for the shadow, Paul & Joe #37 pink blush on my eyes as an eyeshadow color, MAC Sketch eyeshadow on the outer corners of my eyes and as a liner underneath the white line on the bottom eye area, MAC Scant eyeshadow under my eyebrow, and Maybelline Stiletto mascara formula with the Maybelline Lash Stylist comb brush.

Palladio White eyeliner & MAC Cosmetics

My face is a bit oily here, but I get oily when I am tired for some reason. I used the Paul & Joe #37 pink blush on my cheeks, and the lips are MAC Portside lip liner and MAC Pink Poodle lip gloss.

Wish me luck finding clothes!!! Try the white eyeliner!

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