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Summer Beauty Bargains – Free lipgloss. Cheapies!

Without a paycheck for the past week, I’ve been feeling the pinch. Ow! It hurts. My lifestyle has changed so dramatically.. I can’t go for mani-pedis for a while, my nails look totally white trash and I need a fill BADLY. In the meanwhile, (while I am waiting for unemployment checks) I have a little cash to get a few goodies here and there. I dug around for some deals that I’d like to share with you!

Cosmetics Under 10 bucks

Yess! If there is a bargain brand I can stand behind, it is Mark. cosmetics. Glosses are amazing, lipstick feels divine, and those hook ups… so convenient! For cosmetics under $7 a pop, you can’t go wrong! coupon for Skin Care

I am starting to turn towards drug store skincare, like Nivea and Neutrogena. This might be a good chance to try a new makeup remover or sunblock. Get $5 off your $25 of skincare products at

Free Two Faced Lip Gloss

FREE?? Did you say FREE lip gloss??? Wow. I like free stuff, especially when it’s makeup. Although the above offer is possibly over (I got it in my email, but I can’t find it on the site) but has great samples and free gifts all the time. I suggest signing up for emails because they seem to have coupons and free gifts at least once per week.


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