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Weekend of Review.. tanning mist, mascara and more!

This was a really long weekend, full of events and surprises (to say the least!)

My fiance Steve and I went to see the NINJA show which was Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction at the Shoreline Ampitheater in Mountain View. The old goth girl in me had to sport some rockin’ goth makeup and hair.. turns out I was one of the rare few that looked like Downward Spiral fans.

For my look, I put a little bit of a modern twist on an old goth fave.. the red, smokey eye. First of all, I did a bit of a goth no-no and used the Lindsay Lohan Sevin Nyne tanning mist: I thought I shook the spray can enough.. but I did not. The spray came out in huge globby bubbles that were brown and stained my skin like big freckles all over my arms. The product instructions say to not rub the product into the skin, but I really had to do something, and fast! I took a wash rag and blotted the product as I moved along my whole body, kind of like when you use a faux finish paint on your walls. So I would spray, then pat it with the wash rag, which eventually got damp with the product and it started working really good. It was very light in color, but the product developed quickly, within a few hours I started noticing the color coming in. The product did not have that self-tanner smell, which was nice, it was more like a coconut tanning lotion smell. I have done the salon sunless tanning products before, Mystic Tan, and you could say that Sevin Nyne is very similar. The cool thing about it is that two Mystic Tan sessions are about $40 bucks, and Sevin Nyne runs $35, but you have control of the product and how much you use and can do your own touch-ups. I heard that in one can of Sevin Nyne is about two full body applications. It is Monday and the tan is still here, with no noticable wearing off points on my arms or legs… I applied the tan on Friday afternoon. I am pretty impressed with this product, but a close source of mine told me that the Mystic Tan in a can is really good, too. I’ll have to review that at a later date!!

Goth eye makeup

It was all about eyes this weekend! My red eyeshadow smokey eyes were fun and really did catch some attention at the NIN show.

My goth look for the NIN show

You can’t quite see the Sevin Nyne tanning mist working in this pic, but I promise that I was at least one shade tanner within the first few minutes.

Coastal Scents Green Eye Shadow

For the second look.. worn at my fiance’s band’s show, I went crazy with my new Coastal Scents palette. I used MAC Pure white pigment wet (mistake.. it kept flaking! I am looking for a new matte white primer in a cream form) I used a green shadow on the bottom lid, a dark brown in the crease which I mixed a little bit of matte black on the brush. It did not blend well because the white shadow was so dry it did not allow the shadow shading to blend at all.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

To add a bit of zing, I added a really cool teal Urban Decay 24/7 gel eyeliner called “Electric” to the waterline. I used my new favorite mascara ( yup.. I have a new fave!!!!) Cover Girl Lash Blast in the orange tube. I accidentally bought the Black formula, not the Very Black, and I noticed a bit of a gray tinge. The tube and comb are huge and my lashes seem longer with this formula than with Maybelline Lash Stylist. I highly recommend trying this mascara!! With a round rubberized wand, it grabbed every lash and blasted it off to Mars.

Ahhh what a weekend!

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  1. I tried that Lash Blast ..that mascara must be for people who already have long lashes..cause it was hopeless for me..So I tried a similar brand..Max Factor Lash Extreme Lash plumping..This seriously did such a fantastic job on my lashes. I couldn’t believe it.. I am still trying to figure out why L.B. didn’t work for me but M.F. product did..I now have to go out and stock up on this. Cause in 2010 MAX FACTOR is Phasing out..They won’t be selling this line no more in the now I have to seriously stock up like it’s D-DAY..LOL..
    So glad you found a brand new mascara..

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