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Calling all brides!! Bridal palettes, wedding day tips and more!

Bridal makeup varies from culture to culture, but one thing is for sure.. brides want to look their absolute best on their wedding day!! The basics: flawless, glowing skin, long lashes and perfectly arched brows are common elements that all brides want. I am going to show you some beautiful bridal looks, products for that special day and some of my secret tips to make that special day stress-free.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Pre-Wedding Day Tips

4 months prior: If you are having skin issues like pimples or any kind of breakout or rashes, see your dermatologist 4-5 months before your wedding (or even earlier than that!) to give yourself time to get your skin back into good shape. Sometimes skincare regimens and medications take months before you see any results.

3 months prior: Start getting facials. Your first facial may or may not give you any noticable results. In a lot of cases, it will take at least three or four facials before your pores start shrinking and your skin starts to give off that lovely glow. You also need to give your skin a chance to detox and get used to the treatments. Your last facial before your wedding should be about a week before the wedding day. If you are planning to have your makeup done by a professional, please make your appointment as soon as possible for your pre-wedding makeover, at least three months in advance.

Some brides scout out their makeup artist by having a pre-wedding makeover, which usually costs a lot less than the actual wedding day makeup, sometimes it would be free, it all depends on the makeup artist’s or makeup counter’s policy. Some brides also opt to do their own makeup on their wedding day and ask for an instructional makeover where the client will be taught how to do the look on their own. The best thing to do is to schedule your wedding day makeup as soon as you can, you don’t want to risk your favorite makeup artist being busy on your day. You also should call the artist / counter a week in advance to make sure that you are still on the schedule and that your makeup artist still has a job! I’ve seen several terrible things happen, like the schedule getting erased, lost, or brides appointments not even being put down on the calendar. You always need a backup plan just incase your makeup artist disappears.

Here are some pre-wedding day tips for brides:

– At your pre-wedding makeover, make sure the artist writes EVERYTHING down that she used. Face charts come in real handy when you are having your makeup done, because chances are, your makeup artist isn’t going to remember everything they used and how they used it.

MAC Face Chart Example

– Get your brows waxed 3 to 5 days before your wedding day. I also recommend that you start getting your brows waxed regularly, at least 2 months before the wedding, so that you can monitor any redness or reactions prior to the wedding.

– If you decide to get your makeup done by a professional bridal makeup artist (through the internet, etc.) ask to see samples of their work. Most makeup artists should have a portfolio or website that they can share with you before you commit. If you decide to get a makeover at a makeup counter, don’t be afraid to ask how experienced the artist is doing bridal makeup, and just make sure you feel comfortable with who you choose. Make sure to get your pre-makeover appointment!! Make sure the appointment is written down and that you follow-up with your artist 1 to 2 weeks in advance to make sure they are still able to do the service.

– Bring a friend / bridal party member to your pre-wedding makeover. Having a friend or family member take notes during your pre-wedding makeover might be beneficial in case of an emergency. If you are running late to your makeover, or your makeup artist bails out on you, you may have to have a friend or family member, or yourself, do your makeup. (EEEK!) I know this sounds scary, but it’s happened to a lot of brides. You can even have your friend (or yourself) practice the bridal look on you, just in case!!

– If you do decide to do your own makeup, be sure to purchase your products 2 to 3 months in advance so that you have time to practice and perfect your look.

– Buy Bridal magazines for help with looks. Don’t be afraid to bring those magazines with you to your makeup appointments.

Products?? Well, what do you need ? Here are some of my bridal recommendations!

1. For the flawless face: Try out different foundations WITHOUT or very low SPF. It may be hard to find, but but you can do it! The titanium dioxide in foundations can reflect off of the camera flash and make your face look white or shiny. I really like Revlon Colorstay foundation on brides since it only has SPF 6, comes in plenty of shades and two formulas, one for oily-combo skin and normal – dry skin. This foundation is medium coverage, and if you’ve seen my tutorials, you may know that I prefer to put foundation on first before concealer, and just dab where it is needed.. in some cases, the foundation coverage is so good that you don’t need concealer. I may do a bridal makeup tutorial because I am now realizing this blog is going to be very long. A colorless setting powder is good since there is no SPF or shimmer. You def. want to take sample pics of yourself in the makeup to make sure that there is no scary white reflection.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

2. Eye depuffer gels and light reflecting creams work wonders. I like Benefit Cosmetics Ooh La Lift (available in a handy set with Lip Plump and High Beam & more) and Mark. Cosmetics Bright, Lighten and Depuff gel (only $8). Experiment with highlighters on the cheekbones. Some people have found success mixing liquid highlighters like Benefit Cosmetics High Beam in with their foundation. Carry the depuffer with you to touch up during the day.

Mark. Cosmetics Depuffer Eye Gel

3. Palettes can be your friend. NARS just released a really cute bridal makeup palette, which contains four lovely shadows, the best-selling Orgasm blush and a highlighter, with four lip colors. ($65) The new Chanel Les Naturels de Chanel collection is very “bride friendly” with soft hues and pastels. If you are on a super tight budget, you can create your own palettes at Coastal Scents website:

4. Waterproof your eyes. I do not like waterproof mascara, if you do, then great! For me, it weakens my lashes, and when I have to remove the mascara, I have to rub extra hard to get it off, which stretches the skin around the eyes. I prefer to use makeup sealants like Benefit Cosmetics She-Laq or cheaper theatrical makeup versions of makeup sealants. Shop around, ask around, use the internet to find one that works for you. You can seal eyeliner, lipstick, mascara and much more, and not have to worry about transferring lips onto your man’s pout during the wedding kiss.

5. Get your brows in shape. I rec. these compact kits by brow specialist Anastasia. Check out the All About Brows Kit at Sephora. You can use that under-brow highlighting stick in the inner and outer corners of your eyes to give yourself a bright-eye look.

Well, guys.. looks like I am due for a tutorial. I have been sick with some type of stomach ailment so I haven’t been quite in the mood to put makeup on.. plus it’s about 90 degrees out. Ughh.. Please come back soon for more bridal makeup tips!!!

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