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So Fresh & so Clean, Clean.. Umbrian Clay Foundation

I had to do one mini-splurge at Sephora before I headed off into the unemployment wilderness. It was all about tone and complexion for me at this point. I need to look nice for interviews, right?

I ended up buying the Sevin Nyne tanning mist…finally!! There wasn’t a huge display like I had thought there would be since it’s one of the most popular self tanners out there right now. I snatched one up and headed over to see what kind of new foundations were on the market. I am thinking full coverage, but not fakey cakey looking, with natural ingredients.. sound impossible? Not anymore.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Foundation

Introducing Fresh Umbrian Clay Freshface Foundation with SPF 20. ($42 for 1 oz.) This product is new, so don’t think you’ve missed out on anything.. I know.. I was thinking to myself, “Where the hell was I when this came out??”. No worries, it’s now your chance to try this amazing foundation. I usually need to wait a week or two before coming to a final conclusion about a foundation, but so far, this one has delivered superior results.

Here is what has to say about this product:
“A purifying and balancing treatment foundation that refines and hydrates the skin.”

“Fresh Umbrian Clay Freshface Foundation SPF 20 provides natural-looking coverage for a flawless finish. Fresh’s exclusive Umbrian Clay removes impurities from the skin to refine, nourish, and balance the complexion while Porphyridium Cruentum, a micro-algae extract, retains optimal moisture levels throughout the day. Your skin will be left fresh and radiant, with visibly reduced fine lines, noticeably improved skintone, and with SPF 20 UV protection.”

It is formulated without the following harmful ingredients: Parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, Phthalates.

The foundation just feels very pure and creamy when you are applying it. A little bit goes a very long way, so you don’t need to use so much. Although the description of this product says that it’s medium coverage, I find that it’s very pigmented with a nice, full coverage that doesn’t have you dabbing the concealer on after you’ve applied it.

This foundation may very well have kicked the Revlon Colorstay Foundation out of it’s number one spot on my list. With a full range of shades, I am sure you will find your own. I did mention to the lovely salesperson at Sephora that one of the shades, Seventh Veil, is also a strip club in Hollywood. (Girls, Girls, Girls!!!)

My next tutorial will feature this foundation.. so keep visiting. I might post it up tomorrow.

The Seventh Veil

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