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Honey Baked Glam – Hottest Bronzers & Self Tanners for Summer

The Bronzed & The Beautiful Bronzing Powder - Too Faced

Looking for your holy grail of self tanners and bronzers for the summer? Here’s my quick guide to top products of spring and summer when you want to turn on the tan.. without the sun!

(Pictured above) Too Faced Cosmetics : The Bronzed & The Beautiful Bronzing Powder Palette. The kit features “Snow Bunny” which is a highlighting pan with 4 neutral colors to brighten the face and also gives a very subtle tan. The “Pink Leopard Bronzer” helps to perfect the skin, sculpt the cheekbones and facial structure and warms up a light to medium skintone. The “Sun Bunny” pan is a classic bronzer which will give you that “honey baked glam” look that all the celebs love. Three bronzers in one?? Sounds awesome! $35

Too Faced - Pure Bronze

If you are looking for a mineral bronzer with skin perfecting properties, look no further! Another Too Faced Bronzer has made my list! Too Faced Pure Bronze is made with pure minerals and crushed freshwater pearls.. yeah, real pearls!! What the pearls do is they diffuse light and naturally brighten the skin for a sexy sunkissed glow. I also think the mermaids on the packaging is super cute!!! ($28.50)

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder

No top list of bronzers can be complete without the all-time best seller, the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer Powder compact. This top product gives you the look of a natural tan.. no pumpkin face here! With a moisturizing, oil-controlling powder this product is available in six different shades ranging from a soft matte glow to a dark and rich suntan. ($46)

Now that you have the face figured out.. what about the rest of your body? Ok.. so finally, I have a link for Lindsay Lohan’s Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist! New and only at Sephora!

Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist by Lindsay Lohan

The reviews are in and Sevin Nyne are getting high marks from Sephora users. Made with anti-oxidants, this product is natural looking and not animal tested.. very important! I need to get a bottle of this ASAP!!! ($35)

Peter Thomas Roth Self Tanner

Need something a little more serious for sensitive skin? Peter Thomas Roth’s Clinical Skincare Line has a natural looking self tanner, which claims to be a streakless formula, fragrance free, packed with natural ingredients and more. ($28)

Don’t forget.. sunless tanners and bronzers do not always contain SPF. Please make sure you have your sunblock on prior to applying these products. I sometimes mix my SPF products in with my self tanning lotions or I will apply them about 20 minutes prior to applying the self tanners.


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