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Lipgloss Delights for Spring/Summer 2009

Chanel Glossimer Collection 2009

The hottest glosses for Spring/Summer 2009 are soooo irresistable! Pinks, corals, fuschias, it’s really hard to choose just one! My first faves are coming from the Cadillac of glosses, Glossimer from Chanel has a collection called Celestial Shimmer.. totally the cutest colors they’ve had yet!! Yup, the glosses are $27 bucks a pop, but they are huge, long lasting, and totally gorgeous.

Fresh Cosmetics Sugar Lipgloss

Like something sweet, shiny and totally hot for the season? Check out the vast collection of Fresh cosmetics glosses, with a taste of sugary goodness. ($18)

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipgloss

If you like all that glitters, you are gonna love the new Limited Edition lipglosses at Guerlain, simply called “Kiss Kiss Gloss”, these glosses are paradise inspired in three sparkling colors: Orange Interdite, Cerise Tentat and Pomme Du Desir. ($29)


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