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Susan Boyle’s New Look !!

My views on Susan Boyle are different than the majority of people who adore her.. I think she’s got a good voice, one that you would expect from a trained singer like Boyle, but I am not falling out of my chair in disbelief over her talent. I live with a professional musician, well, it’s my fiance, and he writes his own music, builds his own instruments, and practices for hours with his band several days per week. That to me is true talent, not someone who does really good karaoke. I am sorry, I set my standards pretty high when it comes to judging true talent. Just because someone is unattractive and can sing, does that mean we have to be impressed to the point to make that person a celebrity? I do give her credit for having the courage to get on stage and singing in front of millions of people, that must have been scary as hell. I don’t like TV talent shows!! I think fame deserves to go to people who truly deserve it and put blood, sweat and tears into their job. I don’t like pre-packaged celebs. Uhhh I could go on and on.. but anyway, when Susan Boyle starts writing and singing her own music, I might be a little more impressed.

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