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My picks: Comb Mascaras & Face Shimmers

It might be time to start looking for a replacement for the $7 dollar Lash Stylist by Maybelline, since I haven’t been given a def. answer as to the fate of my utmost favorite mascara. So here is a list of comb mascaras I am willing to try and maybe some of you already have.. please post a comment if you like or hate any of these!!

Lancôme FATALE Exceptional Volume Sculpting 3D Comb-Mascara ($23)


Lancome Fatale Exceptional Volume Sculpting 3d Comb Mascara

Macy’s says: Sculpt your lashes with exceptional volume. Glamorous lashes to die for. Instantly power up lashes to over-the-top, voluptuous volume. Unique Ampliform 3D Comb coats and sculpts with one dip and a single stroke. Filtex™ formula with Silicone wraps lashes in Lancôme’s most potent volume ever.

My thoughts: It got good reviews on and also was an Insider’s Choice beauty winner. I really like the fact that the brush has a short side and a long side.. I guess one for application and one for combing the product through the lashes. The only down side is that it’s $23 bucks.. quite a lot more than I want to spend on a mascara.

Clinique ‘High Definition Lashes’ Brush Then Comb Mascara ($14)

Clinique High Definition Lashes Comb Mascara

My thoughts: I’ve never liked any Clinique mascara that I’ve tried through the many, many years that my mother has brought home the “free gift” bags from Macy’s. I always felt like the mascara was really watery and left my lashes limp and wimpy. Who knows, maybe they have changed?? Unfortunately when you try on mascara in the store, they give you a default wand, and you won’t be able to get the full effects of the mascara.

Lancôme CILS DESIGN PRO Custom Design Double Mascara ($35)

Lancome Cils Design Pro Custom Double Mascara

Macy’s says: Transform your eyes…with a true-false lash effect.Create designer lashes in just two easy steps! Step 1: Define & Lengthen. The patented Hi-Pro Stretch Brush™ instantly lengthens and defines true lashes.Step 2: Custom Design Lash EffectThe new exclusive Design Pro™ Mini Comb enhances hard-to-reach outer corner lashes for a beautiful, wide-eyed, false-lash look.

My thoughts: Ok.. this is just ridiculous. $35 dollars?!?!?! Ok, does this thing also do liposuction? I am freaking out over here. Although the product got excellent reviews, I am still like mouth-dropping pissed.. why is it so expensive??? Because the “mini-comb” is trademarked? Give me a break. Please prove to me that this is worth the money and I might invest in a few tubes. Post pics. I need to see this to believe it.

NEXT.. on to face shimmers.

Dior “Golden Dior” Necklace ($55)

Dior Golden Dior Necklace

My Thoughts: Now this is something worth spending a little money on! Not only can you wear this as a necklace.. a freaking Dior necklace.. but inside is a creamy golden highlighter that you can use on your eyes, lips and cheeks. The whole thing is all wrapped up in a nice travel pouch. Cute gift, cute gift for yourself! I think this is a must-have for Dior fans!

Christian Dior Night Diamond Face Powder ($59)

Dior Night Diamond Face Powder

Sephora says: Dior Night Diamond is a true makeup jewel that gives every face mega-star power. The silky powder is laced with shimmer and imparts an all-over shimmer. The ebony compact is studded with crystal-like gems and is paired with a plush brush, both of which are tucked in a black suede pouch.

My thoughts: To die for. I love the jeweled case, love the brush, beautiful powder. Something you would feel proud to use and pull out of your makeup bag. Nice summer product!!

Laura Mercier Mosaic Shimmer Bloc ($38)

Laura Mercier Mosaic Shimmer Bloc

Sephora says: Laura Mercier Mosaic Shimmer Bloc contains light-reflecting properties that blend together to give the skin a healthy all-over glow. Arriving in a fresh, floral design, it adds a youthful, natural glow to the face for an effortlessly luminous, fresh look.

My thoughts: I am a total sucker for cute stuff, and this is adorable! Laura Mercier is famous for their shimmer blocks / bricks, whatever you want to call them, so I am assuming this is just as good as the award-winning shimmer products they have had in the past. Plus, you can probably use the pink color as a blush, so it’s a multi-use product, which is good! Price isn’t too bad, but I think these compacts will last a really long time.

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8 Responses to My picks: Comb Mascaras & Face Shimmers

  1. Sorry but I didnt like the Clinique comb in mascara.I think I try a different mascara every week. They all clump or the brush is to big or it goes on cakey. Lash Stylist was the best mascara I’ve ever used.
    I kinda like the mascara with the mini-brush because I can get mascara on all my lashes and not all over my eyelids!!!
    Im going to try a brand at Target store by Sonia Kashuk, Lashify Mascara $6.99. Its comb in.

  2. So i basically may be hte only person in america that likes the Clinique comb/brush mascara. I msut say the Mini version is a bit better, but it makes my lashes really great nad long. I’d post a pic if I had one

  3. I LUV Maybelline Lash Stylist and I want to note that Maybelline Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara is NOT SAFE for CONTACTS. I know the package says it is, but the glossy finish gets in my eye and creates a foggy coating over my contacts!

  4. I am so so so sad lash stylist is missing – what can we do, seriously?!?! I always have people asking me what mascara i use and now I don’t know what I’ll do…

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