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Tutorial – Lazy Gaga Glitter Tutorial

Lazy Gaga, you say? Well, I didn’t get up til noon today and I am tired.. but I still did a tutorial based on Lady Gaga’s makeup style. I am not a fan of her music, and I am not buying into her persona, but a lot of people have inquired about her makeup style, and a lot of people have asked me how to apply loose glitter on the eyes. I figured I’d kill two birds with one lipgloss.

Diorskin Mineral Powder - Jane Iredale - Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation - MAC Bronzer

Since I am lazy today, I am not really going to post AGAIN how to put on foundation. I have posted it in other tutorials (see Tutorials on the bottom left menu) and you can check those for reference.

I put two drops of Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals foundatin and two drops of Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation on my 180 MAC flat top foundation brush. I buffed the foundation on and applied a light layer of Diorskin Mineral powder with my Bare Escentuals Handy Buki brush. I then applied a heavy layer of MAC shimmer bronzer to the length of my cheek bone, and a light layer on the sides of my nose to create a slimming effect.

Face with only foundation

MAC Select Cover-Up in Pink

I really wanted to create a brightening effect around the eyes, so I grabbed my MAC Select Cover-up in pink and my Benefit Cosmetics synthetic foundation brush. I use a brush big enough to cover the whole eye area and underneath the eye.

MAC Select Cover-up in Pink

I applied MAC Showstopper on my brows, which really won’t be seen since my bangs will be covering them. I applied MAC Select Cover-up to the whole eye area, and below the eye down into the cheek area. If you get a little bit of the concealer over your bronzer, you can wait til it dries and apply a more bronzer.

Craft Glitter used on the eyes

I bought some craft glitter on ebay from a seller in London. I originally purchased this set for use with gel nails, which you will see pictures of the stars in my nails later on in this tutorial. I nearly had to arm wrestle the “nail technician” in order to have this done. It’s not like it was difficult!!

Lavender Glitter on the eyes

I chose the light lavender glitter for this tutorial. You can probably find glitter like this at Michael’s craft store, it’s very fine and not too chunky. There are several ways to get loose glitter to stick to your eye. I’ve heard of people using mixing mediums by theatrical makeup brands, and those might work well, but I’ve been to MAC master classes before and the makeup artist there used eyelash glue to apply most of his sequins, lace and other craft-type objects to the eye or around the eye. Since we know eyelash glue is safe to use around the eye, I always use it to apply glitter.

Mark cosmetics concealer brush

Mark Cosmetics Logo

Since I sell Mark. Cosmetics, I’ve had the pleasure of trying the brushes. LOVE THEM. I love the mini concealer brush. See the logo above?? Click that link to go to the Mark. website and write in the search box “Concealer Brush” and get that brush!! It’s only $6, but it works really well for applying concealer and especially good for applying the glitter. (SEE MY AWESOME NAILS??)

To apply the glitter: I put a dab of the eyelash glue on the back of my hand, dumped out a little pile of the glitter next to it and blended it together with the concealer brush. I applied VERY thin layers of the glitter glue mixture to the bottom lid only and dried my eyelids with a cool hair dryer in between each layer with my EYES CLOSED while lifting my eyebrows up to stretch the skin. You should only need about two or three layers. Your eyes should feel stiff, and a little uncomfortable at this point. Eventually you will get used to the feeling.

NARS Angle Eyeshadow brush

Another cool brush that I just purchased at Nordstrom is the NARS angled eyeshadow brush. I had to mail order it since they were sold out. This is a high quality natural brush which is perfect for getting that angled edge on your crease.

Medical Tape Eyeshadow, Glitter

I applied the medical tape to the side of my eye, just like in the Medical Tape Tutorial. Angling the NARS brush with the longer side of the bristles pointing downward, I dabbed MAC Sketch eyeshadow in the crease and in a windshield wiper motion, went back and forth, blending the crease in.

Benefit Cosmetics Merengue Show-Off Loose Eyeshadow

For under the under brow highlight, I used a limited edition Benefit Cosmetics Merengue Show-Off Loose Eyeshadow that was from a holiday kit. This shadow is extremely hard to find and it is not like the original Merengue eyeshadow that Benefit sold for years. This shadow is a crystal white shimmery shadow, you might be able to find a MAC Pigment or Bare Escentuals shadow similar to this.

Glitter Eyeshadow Tutorial

I applied the loose eyeshadow WET under my brow to get the maximum pigment intensity.

Glitter Eyeshadow Tutorial

I peeled the tape off … but I felt like I needed more..

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner

I applied Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and extended it out and up like shown in the picture.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner - MAC Carbon Eyeshadow

It can be quite difficult to apply eyeliner over the glitter since it creates a hard texture. I think liquid eyeliner works pretty good over glitter, but I was too lazy to look for it, so I used what I found, which was the gel liner. I applied MAC Carbon eyeshadow over the top of the liner to give it a more blended look. If you screw up, you can use a q-tip to reshape the edge of your liner.

MAC Pinkie Pencil - Maybelline Lash Stylist

I am going a little faster here, sorry if I am confusing anyone. I applied the gel liner to the inner rims and applied two coats of Maybelline Lash Stylist to the top and bottom lashes. I concentrated on the bottom lashes this time. I did not choose to use false lashes, too tired at this point, but you can if you want to!

I used MAC Pro Pinkie pencil, which is a matte neon pink lip and eye pencil, on my lips and I drew a line under my eye area right below my inner rim.

YSL Rouge Pur Lipstick #22

I applied one of my favorite all-time lipsticks, YSL Rouge Pur Lipstick #22, over the top of the MAC lipliner. This color is perfect for that pale mod lip look.

YSL Lipstick and MAC Lip Varnish in Polish Me Pink

After I applied the YSL lipstick, I felt like I needed some gloss. I grabbed my neon pink MAC Lip Varnish in Polish Me Pink.

MAC Cool Pink Pigment

I used MAC Pigment in Cool Pink, which is a really nice matte color, to my cheeks. I use this very sparingly since it is heavily pigmented.

Krista Dior Final Look - Glitter TutorialKrista DiorKrista DiorGlitter Makeup TutorialPink Makeup Tutorial

No tutorial would be complete with out an artistic photo ending!

Krista Dior

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    • Hi, Chihiro!! Actually, since you are mixing the glitter with the glue away from your eyes, there really isn’t any chance for it to get in your eye unless you drop a whole glob into your eye, which has a slim chance of happening. The glue is pretty thick to begin with.

  2. in LOVE. L-O-V-E. i never thought of using lip pencil on eyes..but it is an amazing effect!!! and i love that you are getting use out of the nail glitters…..amazinggggggggg

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