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Thanks and an Update!!!

I just wanted to say thank you for making yesterday the biggest day in history. Whether it’s my keyword SEO skills or that it’s the page that is catching on, it was my biggest viewer day yet. I just hope the blog gets more and more exciting, which I know it will. I have tons of tutorial ideas and skills to share. I have beauty secrets that I am dying to post. Just subscribe, bookmark, do whatever it is that you need to do to keep this page part of your daily ritual.

I just got back from the Britney Spears concert in San Jose, Ca at the HP Pavillion and it was pretty freaking amazing. I only saw 20 minutes of the show because it was Easter and it was hard to make time for the family and come home to do a faboosh makeup job and head out the door. Too much went on today! I just want to know what foundation Britney was wearing because umm.. bitch didn’t break a sweat.

Anyway, if you will notice to the RIGHT of this post are banners for my new online campaigns. I am now a Mark. cosmetics rep and I got my starter kit with all the fabulous goodies that I will share with you all soon. The eyeshadow colors are adorable, and yes, they even have really bright ones! Click on the Mark. banner to see the whole online store and feel free to order as much as you like! HAHH.. I really think that the prices are reasonable and I love the kits that I got to try. I am also promoting elf cosmetics beacuse the price is just right.. most of their makeup is so affordable that it makes me cry tears. Click on the link to check out elf cosmetics!

mark. cosmetics
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