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Regis Cashmere Styling Line – Thumbs up!

Regis Cashmere Styling Hair Products

I’ve been wanting to plug these products for a while now because I love them so much. I’ve converted many hair product snobs over to this line simply because it works very well and smells exactly like Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist fragrance.

I currently go to my local mall’s Regis salon because it’s a lesser expensive salon, but you get good service and cuts like you would at a high-end boutique salon. My stylist showed me the Regis Cashmere line for my thick, wavy-frizzy, very damaged hair, and it worked like a miracle on the first try. She used the Cashmere Kera-Forte Fortifying Shampoo and the Cashmere Kera-Forte Fortifying Treatment, which is like a deep conditioner. To damp hair, she applied the Cashmere Kera-Forte Fortifying Sealant, which comes in the form of a spray, and she blow dried my hair, then sprayed more of the sealant on my dry hair and used the flat iron to straighten my hair pin straight. Let me tell you honestly from my heart that this is the best product I’ve ever used on my hair. I have renamed this product “God Spray”.

The Cashmere Kera-Forte Fortifying Sealant not only adds a ton of shine and cuts the frizz down just using alone without the flat iron, but it also conditions my hair and transforms it into really silky straight hair. It works VERY well with a flat iron.

I have let my friends use it and they have purchased it and love it just as much as I do. It doesn’t weigh your hair down or leave a film or residue. One bottle at $14.50 lasts me a month. Regis is always having sales on these products, like right now, I got my deal using their buy one get one half off sale. STOCK UP!!!

You can only buy this line in the Regis stores, I’ve already checked online and saw a few things on ebay for sale. I don’t even think you can buy it from the Regis website. Anyway.. try it.. you will thank me later!


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11 Responses to Regis Cashmere Styling Line – Thumbs up!

  1. I agree It is wonderful stuff and I have been looking everywhere for it, so Please if anyone finds it, Please let me know! I live in Phenix City, Ala…. and if you know where I can purchase this awesome product, Please text 334-520-0756….. I would be forever grateful! 🙂 Sandy

  2. They also sell that product at empire beauty school.. look up the school and see if there is one near you. starting may 1st all products are half off including the cashmere. regis is a supplier for empire beauty school. cheack it out..

  3. I completely agree with this being a god spray… I have natural curly thick hair and tried this and wow the difference it has made my hair look…I have never been able to get straight natural looking hair with a flat iron. I will never go back to the sticky sprays again this is a must have for anyone…

    • Cashmere is only sold at Regis hair salons since it is their exclusive product. During the holidays they have a pretty big discount special on their products. You should check it out!

      • I’ve called every Regis salon in Ohio, looking to purchase the Design Line Cashmere fortifying sealant spray. Every store has told me they are no longer stocking this item! What! The only product that has every worked on my hair and now it can no longer be purchased. Is this true. They sold me instead, the Enchanted Heat Spray and I do not like it all all. Please help!

  4. BEST. STUFF. EVER. god spray = life. My hair is silkier and shinier than ever when I use it…I will never go back to sticky pomades and creams that make my hair nice for about 5 mins then convert it to frizz at the first gust of wind. God spray lives up to its name. I used it today and I can’t stop smelling and touching my hair (in a good way). LOVE IT!

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