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Top Terms of the week!

Taking a look at what people are searching for and how they are finding my blog.

  • Arabic Makeup: Yup.. I did a tutorial on this! I should do more of these types of tutorials since this looks like a popular search term with my readers.
  • Emani mineral eyeshadow: This stuff is awesome. If you like shimmer, pigments and a long-lasting product, then check out these loose mineral powder eyeshadows by Emani.
  • Octo mom before and after: There have been hundreds of search queries on this site for Octo Mom pictures.. even Octo Mom stripping photos?? Nude photos?? Gross! I do not want to see her nude, thanks. I do have her pre-surgery photo here.
  • Jane Iredale Spring 2009: You can see the latest Jane Iredale collections here. If you like mineral makeup, you might want to check out Jane Iredale’s Amazing Base mineral powder.
  • Dior Mineral Foundation: Yess! This is mineral makeup at its finest. I hated mineral powder until I tried this. If you read my tutorials, you will know that I use this religiously because its basically heaven sent.
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