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Review for Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

So, since I am fearful that my “BFF in a tube”, Maybelline Last Stylist could be very well discontinued, I decided to finally try Maybelline Lash Stiletto. See my older post about it here:

I thought the Stiletto brush was going to be rubberized, or comb-like. I saw that in the photo, the brush was red, so I automatically thought that it was some sort of rubber type brush. Nope. It was a regular bristle brush that tapers down towards the tip of the brush. After applying several coats of Lash Stiletto, I became frustrated.. where were my lashes? They were very thin and wimpy. I started to panic a little, thinking that my lashes had fallen out during the night, but I grabbed my Lash Stylist mascara, quickly swiped a few strokes over the top of Stiletto.. and shazam.. my lashes were back. ::whew::

I am sorry.. I like thick lashes. Thick and long lashes. That is what Lash Stylist gives me that no other mascara has ever given me.


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5 Responses to Review for Maybelline Lash Stiletto

  1. I Looove Lash Stylist, and I can’t believe Maybelline would even THINK about replacing it with this Lash Stiletto business! I refer to my lash stylish mascara as the “magic wand” because it works wonders! But try not to fret ladies, if Maybelline does discontinue this wonder product we can always turn to bareMinerals brushless mascara which seems to work just as well as Lash Stylist. Although it is a little more pricey ($15) hopefully it will be around for a while! Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. I too, am a Lash Stylist devotee. I reluctantly bought a tube of Lash Stiletto, in hopes of finding a mascara that even remotely works as awesome as Lash Stylist does. And as expected, I was very disappointed. I
    I agree 100% with your review. Wimpy, weak, thin lashes even after several coats. Needless to say I returned it the next day. Lash Stiletto’s slogan is “The only mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for legs”. Well let me tell you… if my legs looked as bad in stilettos as my lashes looked with this mascara- I would wear pants for the rest of my life.

    • Wow, Jamie.. I totally feel your pain. The only advice I can give to any one right now looking for this mascara is.. save the brush. If you still have a tube of it, make sure you save that brush.. wash it real good and you may be able to use it with another mascara if it fits into the tube. I have tried this with other mascaras and it seems to work okay. Even if you can’t fit it in the tube, you can scrape some off of the brush of another mascara. Desperate.. yes!

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