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Only at Sephora: Backstage Beauty Secrets

Sephora Supermodels Backstage Beauty Secrets

This looks pretty darn interesting. Supermodels — Backstage Beauty Secrets for Incredible Skin. This product by Nude Skincare , a natural skincare line, offers to give you incredible skin for $75. What is in it?? Well, it’s a kit that includes:

– 1.0 oz Cleansing Facial Oil
– 1.0 oz Moisturising Body Cream
– 0.17 oz Advanced Eye Complex
– 0.17 oz Age Defence Moisturiser
– 0.17 oz Replenishing Night Oil
– 0.17 oz Miracle Mask

The product claims to get rid of dry skin, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. The products do not contain harmful chemicals whatsoever and is totally environmentally friendly. This sounds too good to be true.. right? Has anyone tried this ?? I want to hear your stories. There are not enough reviews on Sephora to convince me.


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