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Tan like Lohan… Lindsay Lohan’s new tanning mist

Lindsay Lohan Self Tanning Products

There is so much to blog about this week.. but before I blow all my info out in one day (I will try to stretch it all through the week just to keep you coming back!!) I am going to blog about something that I am surprisingly excited about: Lindsay Lohan’s Self Tanner called Sevin Nyne.

Lohan and co-creator, Lorit Simon, developed an easy spray tan that is foolproof and actually looks like a real tan. No orange pumpkin face?? Well, that will have to be determined by me, a very pale skinned person who has had bad luck with most at-home self tanners. Sevin Nyne took a year and a half to develop and perfect, so although I am skeptical, I am still purchasing. The mist will be available at Sephora on May 1st. Mark your calendars, it’s time to tan!

NOTE.. I just heard that Lindsay just went back to rehab for the 4th time. Poor thing.. hope she recovers soon and for good this time around. ANOTHER NOTE: False alarm.. she was just taking a DUI class.

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