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Bare Escentuals Introduces ” Looks by the Minute”

Need to get ready for a big date and you have only 15 minutes? (thanks to traffic on a Friday night) Well, Bare Escentuals has launched a little “how-to” section on their website which helps gals in need of a speedy look.

Bare E. Looks by the minute

Each section is divided up into 5, 10 and 15 minute looks. Pretty cool! I had about 10 minutes to do my makeup today since my hair took 30 freaking minutes to curl with the iron. One of my “tricks” is that if I am running late to work, I make sure I do my foundation, eyeshaodw and brows at home, I bring my makeup bag with the blush, bronzer, eyeliner and mascara, and of course lip gloss.. and I finish up in the bathroom in about 3 minutes. I have only had to do this once, but it def. worked with no problems. I see women putting on their mascara on the HIGHWAY.. what the hell? Ok. Please, ladies, finish up your mascara in the parking lot or in the bathroom at work. Do not risk your life over your lashes.

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  1. OK…love you for this, and I am so glad I was up late last night just reading through your blog because this morning I woke up late and had (literally!) 5 minutes to get up and get my makeup on. Foundation, quick concealer, powder, brows…and out the door! Finished up my makeup in the bathroom at work and I was totally on itt

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