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Tutorial Time!! Inspired by Megan Fox

After I heard that Megan Fox was single, I immediately started looking for photos of her.. was she sad, happy.. did she dump Brian for another man?? I was obsessed. I really like how she does her makeup, especially the coral bronze look, so I wanted to experiment a bit and see what I could do.

Note that some of these products are discontinued!!

Perfekt, Revlon Colorstay, MAC 180 brush, Prescriptives concealer, Ooh La Lift, DiorSkin

From left to right: Perfekt primer , Revlon Colorstay in Tawny Fauve, MAC 180 Brush for foundation, Prescriptives concealer in Warm 01, DiorSkin Nude 10 powder foundation, Bare Escentuals Handy Buki brush, & Benefit Ooh La Lift.

Time to get the skin perfected. I currently am broken out really bad due to a foundation stick that I was trying out, my skin is red and blemished.. sorry I am not posting the “before” pic.. I just don’t want to humiliate myself on that level! I started out using the Perfekt primer just on the T-zones to smooth out enlarged pores. I only use my finger with this stuff. Right over the top of that and on the entire face, I apply the Revlon ColorStay foundation with the MAC 180 brush until I get the desired affect, which is blended and smooth skin. I always apply concealer AFTER I apply foundation because sometimes the foundation does a good enough job covering imperfections. I applied the Prescriptives concealer with my ring finger under my eyes and on my nose, where an annoying zit is brewing. I finished everything off with a light dusting of my new favorite powder, DiorSkin powder foundation, using the B.E. Handy Buki brush for extra coverage. I applied Ooh La Lift on both top eyelids and patted until the puffiness was gone.

Lord help me.. I am brave for posting this.

MAC Shadow Quad, Angled Brow Brush, NARS Zen

I applied NARS Zen blush (on left) as a bronzer right under my cheekbones, on the sides of my nose and dusted a little on the forehead, under the chin and anywhere I think I needed a little tan. I applied a light dusting of Wet N’ Wild shimmer Silk Finish Blush (it’s a champagne color) to highlight my face (cheekbones, bridge of nose, above lip, forehead). In honor of Megan Fox, I decided to go for a dark, exaggerated, thick brow. Since I do not grow thick brows naturally, I had to do a lot of work with my Anastasia eyebrow stencil (pictured) and chose the High Arch tempate. Using MAC’s dark brown matte eyeshadow in Showstopper, I patted and brushed my brows in using an angled brow brush made by Brandon (avail. in drug stores, beauty stores) It takes practice and patience to use brow stencils. It’s very hard to get both brows to match up, at least for me. Sometimes I have to use a straight edge of paper just to find the place to put the stencil. In the picture below, you can see the brow, and where I used a Q-tip to wipe excess powder away.

Don’t worry, we will clean up the area.

MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, Benefit High Brow, Urban Decay Sin Potion

Next I need to prime my eye area. I’ve already used Ooh La Lift to take away the puffies, next I need to smooth the skin and prep it for eyeshadow application so that it will last through the day. First I used a little bit of the MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (on left) on the outer corners of my eye, using a light touch with my finger. I also use this Paint Pot to highlight areas on my face, like the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. Next, I drew a couple dashes under my brows with Benefit’s High Brow big pencil (second from right) this highliger pencil is great for smoothing out and concealing fine hairs that are growing back after your brow waxing. I then patted Urban Decay’s new ‘Sin’ primer potion on the bottom lid and into the crease, also touching a bit into the corners of my eyes with a finger.

Bare Escentuals Shimmer in Tropics

One of my favorite products is Bare Escentuals Shimmer powders. There are so many colors to choose from and I have A LOT of these to play with at home. I dipped my Beauty Strokes eyeshadow applicator brush (drug stores, beauty supply stores) into the B.E. Shimmer powder in the color Tropics. It’s a pretty gold/coral shade that also works great as a blush.

Bare Escentual Shimmer in Tropics, Benefit High Brow

If you want to go for a really natural look, you can just throw on your mascara at this point, but since I am going glam, I am taking further steps to glamness.

Bobbi Brown Creme Liner

I thought I took a picture of this product, but I didn’t see it coming off my memory stick.. SOOO.. I used the Bobbi Brown cream liner, black, with the brush that the kit came with (it was a limited edition kit, expensive, and not sure if it’s still avail.) You can also try MAC’s Fluidline cream liners too.. they work just as good and are more affordable. I started at the inner corner of my eye and worked the liner across, making a little extended tail at the end. I applied a small amount of matte black powder shadow on top of that to soften the look and seal the creme liner in.

Maybelline Lash Stylist

Everyone always hears me bragging about Maybelline Lash Stylist. The above picture speaks for itself. That is ONE coat of the product. No primer, nothing fancy, just the best mascara ever. There is proof that it can make puny, light red lashes into nearly fake looking glam lashes.

MAC Hello Kitty Lashes

I said we were going glam, right? So I decided to take my lashes to another level. I used MAC’s Hello Kitty Lashes.. they are corner lashes, not a full strip, and they are so comfy and easy to wear.

MAC Hello Kitty Lashes

I applied the Bobbi Brown creme liner to the inner bottom lid area, then added a bit of the “Tropics” shimmer under my bottom lash line with the angled brow brush dipped in water. I wiped the brush off, then applied a little of the matte brown MAC Showstopper shadow to the outer corners, blending it into the Tropics shadow below my lash line. I forgot to apply mascara to the bottom lashes, but oh well, I don’t think it needed it now!

MAC Lipglass in Red Devil, Dame Edna lipstick in Coral Polyps

I wanted a really POP coral lip. Like miss Fox! I thought that MAC Lipglass in Red Devil, & MAC Dame Edna lipstick in Coral Polyps would be perfect to pack that coral punch. I lined my lips with RIMMEL’s 1,000 Kisses lipliner in Red Dynamite, which is an orange-based red. I applied Coral Polyps, and blotted, then Red Devil Lipglass topped everything off just right.

On the balls of my cheek, or the apple, whatever you want to call it.. the fat part? I applied Coralista by Benefit,which is a total copycat of NARS Orgasm, but I thought the box was totally cute.

Krista Dior

Ta-da! The finished face. The only thing I wished could have happened here was tanner skin. I was planning to go out this evening with my man, so I didn’t want a tan face and white arms, so for this photo, I didn’t use as much bronzer as I would have liked for this look. I also wished I would have waxed my lip, but I can do that next time!!!

I love doing these tutorials, don’t get me wrong, but I have no time for these! I will try to do one at least per month. (Once per week would be great.. but.. )

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  1. Wow amazing you do have that Megan Fox look at the end. This was very descripitive and it was nice to show pictures as you do each step.

  2. Thank you so much.
    You look really great here and finally a tutorial that is not you tube but text and images. So the watcher can use our time to try do the same.

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