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Fashion Week 2009 Looks for Spring!

If you are like me and you need help prying yourself away from MAC’s Hello Kitty line.. then this is for you.. (and me) There are so many cute things coming out for Spring 2009!!! Nude lips, the smokey eye is back and fiercer than ever, baby pink is back!

Now.. there is a lot to cover, and I am not going over every single line of cosmetics. I am going over the ones I feel deserve to be mentioned!

Let’s start with Givenchy!!! Be a Bollywood Millionaire in this adorable Bollywood-inspired Spring line of cosmetics. From cute compacts to sultry eyeshadow palettes, this line is sure to please!

View product line here: Givenchy Spring 2009

Givenchy 2009 Cosmetics for Spring
2009 product line for Givenchy

Yves Saint Laurent.. divine beauty comes easy with this line! R.I.P Mr. YSL!!

Anway, I will stop drooling now. Check this out.. inspired by Contemporary art!!

Product line: YSL Spring 2009

YSL Spring 2009
YSL Spring 2009 Blush Collection

Armani cosmetics are rarely spoken of.. so let me do the talking! This line is elegant, very “Oscar night” themed. Check out the product like for Spring 2009.. simple, soft, feminine: Armani Cosmetics “Pink Light” Collection 2009

Armani 2009 Spring Pink Light Collection
Armani 2009 Pink Light Collection Lip Wax

Last but not least.. DIOR!!! Hugs, kisses, stars and confetti for Dior. The 2009 Spring collection is described on as:

This spring, Dior creates a look in honor of the Parisian woman of the 60’s with a timeless and ultra-chic collection.

The collection introduces makeup “classics” with a wide range of “nude chic” shades to enhance women’s natural beauty.

The new collection offers expert products to perfect and highlight the complexion. Eyes are adorned with an array of taupes, browns and beiges. Lips are wearing delicate beige or light pink shades.

Dior 2009 Spring Collection

So, what do you gals think? Can you handle the bright lips this Spring season? Are you gonna go for it? With all the bright lips and cheeks, I am beginning to wonder if I even need to splurge in the shopping malls.. I already have all of this stuff. Doesn’t hurt to add a bit to the collection, right? We can also go recession chic and dive to the drug stores!

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