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Amazing Chinese Oolong Tea SCAM.. read please~!

I fell victim to one of those myspace ads that say ” Amazing Chinese Oolong Tea Diet ” and I ended up purchasing the tea.. like the idiot that I am.. and got totally scammed!! I am hoping that people will run across this blog and also post experiences so we can put an end to this crap!

I ordered the tea for $22.95 with my Citibank check card, which has a Mastercard logo, so I can use it as a “credit card”. Since I ordered this in the Summer of 2008.. months ago… I have forgotten what exactly it was that I read on the website before I purchased, but I do not remember joining some sort of “Oolong Tea Club” or membership. I received three boxes of Kakoo Oolong tea, which looked pretty generic to me, and ended up finding out on the Kakoo Tea official website that one tea box is worth 62 cents if purchased wholesale. I knew back then that I was ripped off, but I wasn’t surprised. I figured it was my own damned fault for purchasing something off of one of those fake ads and I learned my lesson.

So just yesterday, I received a collections letter from SKO Brenner American, Inc. stating that I owe “Amazing Chinese Diet Tea” a whopping $179.85. In the letter, they did not state exactly why I owed that amount or what I purchased. If they could only just provide an explanation!?!? There was an envelope included in the letter which asked me to pay this amount immediately. Umm.. what am I paying for? I never received any more of the crappy tea (eh.. Oolong really has a crappy flavor, in my opinion.. or maybe it was just crappy tea to begin with!) and I never received any emails or letters regarding the tea besides a freaking collections note.

Needless to say, I am pissed off. What the hell is this scam? I really want to hear if anyone else has gone through this. I’ve written them a letter and I am sending it off today.

UPDATE: 3/8/2009

After writing the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) this situation was resolved. The “account” with Amazing Chinese Diet Tea was closed and I am apparently not going to be bothered by them anymore. =)

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6 Responses to Amazing Chinese Oolong Tea SCAM.. read please~!

  1. Hi, Krista, if you’re still around.

    Sorry to hear you got so badly scammed. I guess you know now to never, ever order anything from a commercial or a web site! Always wait a couple of months until it arrives at your local mall and you are assured of not being involuntarily signed up for some program (preferably pay with cash, if you can).

    Unfortunately there’s a lot of scum out there with no self-respect or ability to earn a living honestly.

    On a more pleasant note, oolong tea is actually pretty good when you get the quality stuff,not the slop these people foisted on you for an insane price. I don’t care at all for hot tea of any type, but nearly always have and enjoy the tea in Chinese restaurants, which is usually oolong.

    Good luck with your future (honest) shopping!

  2. Krista,

    I fell for the exact same scam. Now I am dealing with a collection agency. The same situation, same company. I did not keep record of the company name that I bought it from and the collection agency will not give me that information. All I have is “Amazing Chinese Diet Tea”. I cannot find any contact information for them nor can I find them on the Better Business Bureau. Can you please tell me the name of the company you filed a complaint under? Did the BBB take care of it immediately? Please help! & Thank you for your post!!

  3. Yup, Donna! I am also a ProActiv user and I only buy my products at the mall, where I feel confident that I will not fall into some sort of “membership” trap. Many malls do have ProActiv merchants and they are usually pretty nice people. This whole diet tea thing was crazy since I did not receive any more tea products. I will also have to say that I now only purchase my tea products on ebay!

  4. That is so terrible. There are just so many of those things where somewhere in the fine print it will tell you that the payment is not what it seems. Some you discover that the price was only one of many installments and/or shipments towards the the entire purchase. I feel that ProActive has a borderline unfair pricing and shipping policy except the company will cancel it or take back the product if you complain. Actually if you don’t agree to receive shipments and then you get the product the company is technically not allowed to charge you and you can keep the product. The problem is just bothersome mail. Again, if you call any sort of reputable place they’ll stop the request for payment and you should just keep the unsolicited product.

    I saw your post on Kaboodle, I think. Interesting story about your makeup addiction. I haven’t checked out your site past this post yet but I will.

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