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Fred is in my shower… Frederic Fekkai, that is.

I am an advid hair destroyer. I used to bleach my hair white , and that took a major toll on my overall texture and health of my hair. I’ve tried a lot of hot oil treatments, heavy conditioners with heat, and really haven’t seen much of a difference. I’ve been using Frederic Fekkai on a regular basis and I am noticing that slowly, but surely, my hair is getting stronger.

I tried the Technician Color Care line from Fekkai, and I really didn’t notice much going on. The shampoo and conditioner really didn’t perform the way I thought it would, my hair color was fading fast, and I then switched back to Pureology’s Hydrate line. Although Pureology is really fantastic for helping keep your haircolor vibrant, I didn’t feel like I was getting enough moisture. My search went on further…

I ordered the Fekkai Shea Butter moisturizing conditioner and the matching Shea Butter shampoo, and these are my new loves. The first thing I noticed was the amazing scent of the shampoo. Very feminine scent with a fresh laundry lingering smell. At $23 per 8 oz. bottle, you are gonna be paying quite a bit for this line, but at this time, my hair sucks and I am willing to try anything at any price. If you can afford this stuff, you need to try it out. It’s a beautiful line and I will purchase again.

I also use the Frederic Fekkai salon color hair dye, which arrives in a very classy package with everything you need, including good gloves and application brush, mixing bowl and great conditioners. You won’t find any crazy colors in this line, everything is basic and pretty conservative. For $30 per box, make sure you will have enough to cover your whole head. I have thick, shoulder length hair and I didn’t have enough product to dye my entire head. It was scary. Although I do like the product, I probably will not purchase again due to the price.

Anyone else share the love for Fred?

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