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Maybelline Lash Stylist discontinued.. Stiletto is replacing it?

Maybelline Lash Stylist discontinued.. Stiletto is replacing it?

lash-stylistUpdated Note: (Jan 02,2010) Take a look at this post: Maybelline Lash Stylist Reincarnated in Cat Form – Hypercurl. This mascara is only available in Malaysia for some reason. I do see Lash Stylist on Ebay: Maybelline Lash Stylist

Due to the popularity of this post, I have revised it with links to updates on new information regarding Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara. Please read user comments below for more updated information.

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Looked everywhere at Target for my “BFF in a tube”, Lash Stylist by Maybelline. Nowhere to be found. I called my mother immediately, who lives about 30 miles away in another town, and I asked her to go to her nearst drug store and search for my trusty mascara and to buy at least two tubes. “Nope”, she said when she called me back, “They don’t have it, and I checked Target and Longs.” I went online and had a virtual fit. I found the mascara on, and I noticed it was on sale. Unfortunately, I can’t find the mascara online right now. I haven’t checked ebay.. =(

So I ordered two tubes along with a bunch of really expensive Frederik Fekkai hair stuff, and ripped open the package to make sure my “BFF in a tube” arrived safely. Yup.. it was fine, and I had not used it for about a month since I could not find it anywhere.. and I noticed that.. nothing, nothing, nothing compares to it. I couldn’t believe how much better my lashes looked, and they even looked a lot darker. I was so happy, yet scared that my little friend in a tube is going to go bye-bye.

Sure enough, I saw the new Maybelline Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara (Say that 10 times fast) and I am angered that my little lovely Lash Stylist is going to bid me one last farewell.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Well, there it is. Here is the description:

The only mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for legs.

-The Grip & Extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle
-Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length
-Pro-Vitamin B-5 formula conditions and smoothes for black-patent shine
-Contact lens safe and Ophthalmologist tested

Ok.. so nothing special here. The brush is red, which is hot, but not making ME hot.. so I wrote a letter to our friends at Maybelline about how pissed I am. hahha.. well, I was nice, don’t worry. I’ll let you know what happens.

UPDATE: I have tried and approve of Lancome’s Fatale mascara. It gives similar results than that of Lash Stylist, the only thing I don’t like about it is the glossy finish and the comb does not do a very good job of distributing the product evenly. As far as the end result goes.. it’s almost the same. Fatale is expensive, but I found a tube on ebay a little cheaper than drug store prices. If you have found anything similar to Lash Stylist, let me know and I can post it here.

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171 Responses to Maybelline Lash Stylist discontinued.. Stiletto is replacing it?

  1. I’m using stiletto right now and I like it, but its no lash stylist. But there’s a lot of Lash Stylist’s on ebay and Amazon. I bought 3 tubes and will probably go buy some more before they’re all gone. Maybe if were lucky that cat eye mascara with the same comb as lash stylist will come to north america.

  2. I have been searching for months for lash stylist, but to no avail. I heard from a Maybelline sources’ mouth that they discontinued the product because it was NOT demanded enough amongst consumers. I see from this page that it just isn’t true! I’m wondering if the product was sooooo good, that we as consumers didn’t need to buy it often enough! OR we were not buying every other new mascera product which came out, in search for the perfect one…because we had it in lash stylist!I have heard that make-up companies will do just that,(although I am not in the industry and have no clue whatsoever)– if a product is liked too much they will discontinue it so the consumer has to spend more money in search of another.
    I hope they bring it back, I saved my last comb, and this has been working but not as well, I’m just happy I still had one to save.

  3. For those of you who live in Canada…Toronto in particular.. I have found Lash stylist today at Dollaroma!! Can you believe it.. 2 dollars a piece!! I bought the rest of them off the shelf and as soon as my friend gets here, we’re hitting up the rest of the Dollaromas in Toronto for more!!

  4. very sad that my favorite mascara has been discountinued. Maybelline made a wrong choice!!! I dont think my eyelashes will ever look the same ๐Ÿ™

  5. We need to do something about this its not fair! i have been using lash stylist for 6 years and all of a sudden its gone i have literally gone through about $70 on different mascara and nothing comes close to lash stylist.. every time i need to buy more mascara i am forced to try a new one cuz they never work good! i used to always get compliments on my lashes thinking they were fake, i was so proud. now i feel like my lashes are shorter than ever.. it really is silly that they replaced it with lash stiletto cuz it doesn’t work.. at all. it doesn’t make them longer or thicker.. just black. and i don’t know why they got rid of lash stylist when that pink and black tubed mascara from maybelline (i dont know what its called) has been around for years and that sucks!.. I’m so mad its been almost a year with out my fabulous lashes and im dying.. ๐Ÿ™ trust me there is not a drugstore mascara that i don’t think i have tried.. and nothing compares..

  6. So, it’s true. *sniff* After reading this page last night and hunting around online, I decided to try all the stores in my area – Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, dollar stores. IT’S ALL GONE! I am very bummed out. I wish I had stocked up before. My mom always says, if you find makeup you like, get a lot of it – you never know!

  7. I have been using Lash Stylist since it came out, and was just browsing around makeup reviews when I discovered the horrifying news that it has been canceled. Last time I bought it, I bought two tubes, and haven’t had the need to look for it lately. Tomorrow I am going to all the stores in my area to hunt for it. I’ve got a terrible sinking feeling that I won’t be able to find it. I agree- BEST MASCARA I’ve ever used. Sigh….

  8. >>>I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    guess what, I found the non-waterproof version of Lash Stylist at Dollarama(in canada), and they are selling $2! unfortunately, I only use waterproof mascara. really really upset T.T

  9. I live in Montreal, and I’ve been looking for a really good mascara and remembered trying Lash Stylist a while ago and liking it. I went in search, and nothing. AND THEN I FOUND IT IN THE DOLLAR STORE FOR 2$. I obviously stocked up, and it’s just as good as I remembered.

    Check your discount stores. I wish you luck ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. omg, i’m just finding out right now, that maybelline lash stylist, also my most favorite mascara, has been discontinued! this is not the first time i’ve had a favorite make-up product discontinued on me…so after falling in love with this product, i would periodically go to longs and walmart to check and make sure they still had it…one day longs had plenty…and then, one day, they had none!! i could’nt understand why and so i kept checking and still..nothing! i’m so sad, i was planning on making a gift bag filled with my favorite things, (lash stylist being 1st on the list) to give to my friends for christmas..well, now i’m going to search online and hope for the best..

  11. I live in Michigan and the stores here have just recently removed the last of the Lash stylist mascara from the shelves. I was horrified. I searched the web and found it for sale on
    I sells for between 5 to 8.50 a tube but they seem to have plenty.
    I purchased 16 tubes on Monday of this week and recieved it in the mail 3 days later. Hope this information will help other loyal followers. By the way the dont get rid of the applicator from your last tube, you can use it with other mascaras. For me it was not the mascara that really made the difference in my lashes, it was the applicator !!

  12. I am really upset about the news….T.T it’s really a nightmare!! Maybelline Lash Stylist mascar is the only one that I have been using for 2 years… never wanted to change!! The comb is amazing, it makes me look like I am wearing false eyelashes everyday. Should we just email the company?

  13. The only mascara that can in some ways maybe be a little bit like lash stylist was the revlon double twist mascara. Now the only reason i say this is becuz of the texture of the mascara it’s self, im not a big fan, but the mascar with the brush does do a decent job, (nothing compared to lash stylist) and i also have very long eye lashes without mascara so i don’t have a lenght issue. Its worth a try, and if all else fails just use the lash stylist wand in the the revlon double twist.

  14. I am happy I am not alone…yet so sad I am losing my all time FAVORITE mascara!!! It was love at first sight. Now I feel Maybelline is ripping my heart straight from my chest. Sigh! Hang in there ladies and let’s hope they bring it back!

  15. I am so sad! I thought we were out of the mascara in the Dallas area but quickly learned it has been discontinued. I have to agree…it is the brush! I don’t like flexible wands and Lash Stylist made my short lashes look so long and beautiful. I complained about it to my derm and he gave me a prescription for Latisse…ummm yea I’m not paying over $100 for new lashes when I had lashes in a tube!!!

  16. If Maybelline thinks that Lash Stilleto is replacing Lash Stylist they are sadly mistaken! I am beside myself, ladies! The Lash Stylist brush is one-of-a-kind. I have looked at every make-up counter, Sephora, etc and there are no other brushes like it! I’m heading to ebay and Amazon and grabbing up as many as I can. I can’t believe Maybelline would do this to us!! But don’t waste your time buying the mascara that “has had the greatest mascara launch in years” because it does not come close to Lash Stylist.

  17. I just used the Maybelline website to “contact” someone, this was the response i received…

    User: Looking For Lash Stylist Washable Mascara?

    Virtual Beauty Advisor: Lash Stylist Washable has been discontinued and stock is no longer available. We have no way to obtain it for you to purchase.

    For assistance selecting products and shades please visit My Color Advisor on our website. This feature will prompt you through various questions and will give you some personalized recommendations for product and color.

    You can also view our current selection of products and shades on the Products Page.

    I’m absolutely dying without this mascara, it’s so unfair. Has anyone found anything comparable?

    • Hi there, Lauren:

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with contacting Maybelline! I am glad they are finally admitting it is discontinued. When I had written to them, they said it was not, but that was almost a year ago. If you still have your tube of Lash Stylist, keep the wand. I have been using the wand with various mascaras and it seems to be working just fine. I also purchased Lancome Fatale comb wand mascara, and I think it is also being discontinued since it is not on the Lancome website anymore. It is still available at Sephora:

  18. I can’t find the Maybelline lash stylist mascara anywhere either. ๐Ÿ™ I need it!! Nothing else makes my eyelashes as long as this exact mascara!! The comb does wonders. Everyone thinks I have fake eyelashes when I use this mascara..and the eyelashes aren’t chunky or thick, they’re just perfectly long thin eyelashes!! We need this mascara back!! It works like a charm!!

    “LASH STYLIST” (la que tiene un peine y no el cepillo tradicional)

  20. i am so glad i am not the only who can not find the best mascara ever!!!! i do not understand how they can discontinue this mascara. i have tried the stiletto mascara and it sucks! i hate it. i have found a few tubes of the stylist in random grocery stores in small towns but i am running out of places to snag the last stragglers. i am now resorting to buying online in bulk i guess because no other mascara will come close. anyone know where to get it, please let me know. and how can we get them to bring it back????!!!!

  21. I’m with you all on this! It’s the only mascara I like to use. I found some on Amazon. I’ve been ordering up every very black washable and waterproof I can find. I called all my girlfriends and they all check every store they go to. I’m in Michigan and I had my friend in Florida search their stores.

    I’m so desperate I’ve resorted to cleaning the brush and saving it and dipping it into other mascara tubes. Because honestly, its not the mascara formula.. its the wonderful brush ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I too was a huge fan and trying to come to terms that it has been discontinued. im dreading searching for a new brand because this wash the best mascara i have ever used. if anyone has found another that works…..please let us know. until then, i too will be forever keeping my lash stylist comb.

  23. Try trawling through dollar stores and the like..I found some ones with *discontinued* stickers floating around. T____T Maybelline is a bitch.

  24. Omg!!!! I was so amgry when i couldnt find it anyway then found out it had been discontinued!! So had to use other mascaras but realised i can get it off ebay:) Really is the best mascara ever though!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hi guys! Just wanted to give you an update on the petition… 298 signatures!!! Wow! I’m not sure how many more to get to send it in but I think we are almost there!

  26. Lash stylist is the best ever, and it’s nowhere to be found in SoCal. I bought a different mascara (great lash) and am using my lash stylist comb… i’m devastated and I think we should all write to the company separately so they know we want it back!!! Everyone thought I was wearing false lashes!!!
    I also tried Stilletto.. it’s not good. It pales in comparison..

  27. I was hoping it was an urban myth because lash Stylist made my lashes look just amazing. I had one tube left and it was actually stolen (yes I’m serious). That Lash Stiletto mess does nothing for me. I tried numerous others and nothing. I bought the RIMMEL Lash Maxxxx today because it looks like it has a little comb, will update on how that works.

  28. I’m so sad!!! I’ve never gotten more compliments on my eyelashes before. I’ve been running around all over Toronto hoping to find just a few more tubes of the Lash Stylist with no luck. Once I’m finished with the last tube, I’m going to try to reuse the comb with another mascara, and maybe that will give me similar results. I’ve tried Lash Stiletto and it doesn’t compare to Lash Stylist AT ALL! It’s awful! The only good thing about Lash Stiletto is the red on black design on the tube.

  29. hola, yo soy de chiapas, mexico. Al igual que todas ustedes esa eea mi mascara favorita. me queria ir de espaldas cualdo fui al supermercado y no la encontre, pregumte por ella y me dijeron que la habiam sacado del mercado aaauuuu!!! senti horrible ya que era la unica que me dejaba las pestaรฑas super largas y gruesas, un look muy sexy. ๐Ÿ™

  30. Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know we are up to 155 signatures!!!! This is so great! Please keep on getting people to sign and pass the word along. I have yet to find anything that comes close to this mascara! When we have enough I can’t wait to give it to Maybelline… hopefully they will bring it back and stop ruining our lives!!!

  31. I know exactly how you feel!!!! I went to about 4 different Duane Reade’s before I realized that they were just nowhere to be found!!! I just ordered 2 tubes on EBAY!! Glad I found this blog because I thought I was alone in missing this great mascara! BRING IT BACK MAYBELLINE!!!!!

  32. I, too, have been searching high and low. I am stunned and depressed that it is gone….what a nightmare! I have checked every store I know. I am also so surprised that no other brand makes the “comb” style brush. It is so fabulous! This is an outrage and I just signed the petition to bring it back. All- please sign! You never know…

  33. I thought I was the only one too!! I love the comb applicator and when I didn’t see it at Target or Ulta today…I offically knew. I did sign the petition today and I have to say I searched for it on Amazon and some are still available there – I just bought 4 tubes! I really hope they bring it back or at least a “new” mascara with the comb applicator – it was it’s secret weapon!

  34. son of a bitch!! that mascara was my jam! i’ve tried every expensive brand and nothing compares to the $6 maybelline lash stylist! why, god?! D :

  35. OMG!!! I’ve been scared for the last several months that Lash Stylist was being discontinued. It’s been harder and harder to find. I love that mascara. I’ve been using it for probably 4 years now. It is the best mascara I have ever used in my life! I just signed the petition but we need a ton more signatures before Maybelline will take us seriously. Everyone please please get friends and family to sign. They need to at least put out a comparable product!

  36. SORRY FOR MY LANGUAGE IM F************G MAD Im using this lash stylist mascara since ever and wtf I cant find it anymore

  37. I am absolutely outraged!!! My eyelashes are very long and thick. wen I tried other mascaras they had no effect, it looked like I had done nothing! Lash stylist left my eyelashes flawless! How do I email Maybelline??????? Please tell me!
    I read someones comment that made their wimpy lashes beautiful! This mascara works on everyone!!!! Why would they do this! its ridiculous! Even if you keep the comb and use it with other mascaras(i’ve tried), it still does not compare…. Argh!

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