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The Instyler hair designer… better than a flat iron???

First, watch this video about this infomercial product:

I bought this heat styler called the Instyler the moment I saw this infomercial. Not only did I get the Instyler, but they also sent me a 2nd one free of charge. Yes, this thing is probably 100 bucks or more (I didn’t look at the price, I just wanted it sooo bad) but I have used it nearly every single day and I want to marry it.

I have the same hair as the chick in the video; it’s curly, big and frizzy, super thick. I have a ton of chemical damage from when my hair was platinum white.. although it was worth it.. I still have to deal with the damage now that my hair dyed dark brown and hot pink. The flat iron did exactly what the title of the product says.. flattened my hair. I had no body, no style, it was just flat and straight. The Instyler actually is a rounded barrell that turns as you style your hair and it does exactly what it shows in the video. I do have to disagree about one thing.. your hair is NOT cool to the touch after you straighten it. It’s fuckin’ hot and I have burned myself on the barrell 80 percent of the time I’ve used it. It’s dangerous, and I do not recommend it for people under the age of 18. I do not trust teenagers…I do not trust them with this tool. I am 32 and I can barely keep this thing from burning me.

Anyway, the results are worth all of the welts and burns. There are a couple more videos on YouTube of the Instyler, so check them out.

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2 Responses to The Instyler hair designer… better than a flat iron???

  1. You are too right! I’m 38, love my instyler, but have burned the shit out of my hands and once on my temple. I would never give one to a teen. Anyway I’m on the fence about keeping or returning, it seems to pull out a whole lot of my hair. I’m going to use it one more time with my box of 30-day Liquid Keratin straightner treatment kit. If it works then its a keeper.

  2. Wow. I randomly came across this because I google my ass off in the middle of the night of all random things that come to mind.
    I love you!

    You’re like… the other leg to my best friend & I’s tripod.
    haha that’s lame. But yes, definitely bookmarking.

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