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Review: Kiss Me Mascara & Makeup Forever HD Liquid Foundation

Kiss Me Mascara

This is the hyped up mascara that creates “tubes” around your eyelashes. I first heard about it in a meeting with at work, and I really didn’t think it would work (I’m sometimes skeptical about mascara claims). The packaging is quite impressive; the mascara comes in a neat little metal tube with a screw top lid and the mascara tube itself is a really cool metallic silver.. it’s pretty hardcore. The brush itself has wide spaced bristle sections, which is something I do not prefer. The formula is very wet and I found it quite difficult to apply the first time. The trick is to wiggle the brush at the base of the lashline to get the tubes to form, I had to apply four coats before I was satisfied with the lash look. I felt like the tips of my lashes were really thin and puny, not full, so I ended up applying a coat of my favorite Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara to only the tips. I was not exactly impressed with the look.. it made my lashes very separated and fake-looking. (fake in a bad way)

I am a fan of full and thick lashes, not separated and thin lashes, so I won’t repurchase this mascara. When I washed my face using the Philosophy Purity foaming face wash, I had to manually pull the tubes off with my fingers and wash them down the drain. They looked like black sea moneys in the sink (if you know what sea monkeys look like, you can totally imagine the sight of this) and after several swishes of water around the sink, they finally washed out to sea.

My verdict: I am staying with Lash Stylist by Maybelline. I may also try to apply the Kiss Me mascara with my Lash Stylist wand to see if that makes a difference.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

This is the stuff!!! I purchased the HD powder not too long ago, which I do really like (Check out my blog about it here: HD Ladies! I just had to try the foundation, which was readily available at Sephora… around 40 bucks.. but luckily I was able to try it out in the store to see its magic. The foundation is full coverage, but very natural looking. There were tons of shade choices to choose from, and you only need a tiny drop of it because it goes a very long way. Once I applied it all over and let it dry, I applied the HD powder and I looked completely matte and ready for the camera. I will have to say that this formula reminds me very much of the Revlon colorstay formula from back in the day (the 1990s!) but woe-is-me, nothing will be as good as ColorStay circa 1990s. Anyway, it’s a good replacement product.

The Verdict: My new favorite foundation. Looks AWESOME in pictures. Looks good in person. Goes on smooth and stays smooth. No breakouts for my senstive skin.