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Review: Bobbi Brown Palette with gel liner , Kat Von D. lip gloss

LIMITED EDITION Night Sky Long-Wear Eye Palette: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown Night Sky Palette
$55.00 retail price.

Well, is it worth the money?? I’d have to strongly say NO. After trying this palette out for a month, I am impressed with only one thing about it.. the Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. The gel eye liners cost about $21.00 alone, but I was unimpressed with everything else in the palette besides the liners. I was tempted to return the palette and buy two gel liners instead.. but I think I will stick with what I got and see if I can work with the two cream shadows that come in the set. The double-sided application brush that comes in the set is really good quality, but I feel that my finger is the best applicator when it comes to those cream shadows.

Cream Shadows: the colors are pretty amazing.. very rockstar-glam. The cons about the creme shadows is the consistency. The formula tended to get a little clumpy during the application and it was a bit hard to work with.

Gel liners: great consistency, very long lasting and doesn’t move! The trick is to use very little and work it around, it goes a very long way. I tried the product with a slanted eyeliner brush and it worked great, the brushes in the kit are thicker, so you may have to purchase a thinner brush for a smaller line result.

Kat Von D. lip gloss

Not too much of a Kat Von D. fan (after she broke up with Orbi.. what was she thinking??) but I decided to give her cosmetics line a whirl and see what the hype was about. I only tried the lip glosses in the store and decided to purchase the black gloss called “Gunshine”.

Well, it’s not like the black lipgloss I used to own back in my goth days (Wet N’ Wild during Halloween time) but it’s a more sophisticated shade that is very flattering when worn alone (no lip liner or lipstick). Gunshine is a sheer dark silver shade that turns my lips a really nice plum shade. The gloss is very comfortable to wear, great scent and taste, and surprisingly long-lasting. The packaging is adorable, even the cool clear wand that you use to apply the product with is awesome. I hate to say it, but I love it. Speak of the devil.. L.A. Ink just came on TV as I am typing this. Check out the line only sold at Sephora (Please let me know how the shadows are): Kat Von D. Lip Gloss

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