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Just a thought… for cosmetic ingredient readers

The art of makeup.. ahh.. isn’t it a beautiful thing? Doesn’t it piss you off when someone comes along and shits on your cosmetic parade? For instance, I worked in Berkeley for a few years and a lot of my local clients were very granola-hippie. They wanted to know the ingredient lists and what chemicals and cancerous carcinogens were contained in the makeup. Hmm.. why is it that I totally blew them off? It’s simply annoying. I had a job to do : sell. I didn’t have time to bullshit about weather, ex-boyfriends and the latest colon cleansing products. If you are concerned about a products ingredients, please go online to find out the info yourself. Not trying to be mean.. just warning you. Most salespeople don’t know a whole helluva lot about ingredients and what causes cancer, most salespeople are only there to sell and make commission, so they don’t have time to sit and talk to you about that kind of stuff.

There are great resources online for the people concerned about getting cancer from cosmetics:

Here is also a list of cosmetics companies who have pledged not to use chemicals: Signers of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics

A blog that lists 11 lead-free lipsticks: Lead-Free Lipsticks

Here’s the last link I will give you.. you gotta Yahoo or Google your own queries to get more answers to your chemical questions. Here is the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. You can see ratings to popular cosmetic products on this site.

Am I worried about chemicals in cosmetics? Not at this point in my life. There are chemicals everywhere and cancer-causing agents all over the place.. I would have to live in a bubble to protect myself from it all, and what fun would that be?

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