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Change or Chanel? You Decide.

I haven’t followed too closely on the presidential issues (I know.. that’s bad, slap me) and honestly, I don’t know who or what to vote for because I don’t like either candidates. Everyone is having attitudes and saying things like, “Obama or die”.. but personally, I don’t trust anyone, especially a slick talker. People of this nation shouldn’t make others feel guilty for their choices.. you might as well support Sarah Palin if you are going to act like that.

I was reading Perez, as always, and he seems to be posting news about the election on a daily basis. He posted a photo of Obama with his “Change we can believe in” slogan and I instantly felt mesmerized by the logo.. like it was calling to me as a woman.. why?? Check this out:

Chanel Logo

Obama Need for Change

Chanel.. Change? I am really confused. Why did they PURPOSELY use the same font? Hmm.. maybe to catch a woman’s eye, make her pay attention, because if she does, she might get a free Chanel lip gloss in the mail. You know this was well thought out.. you don’t just use the Chanel font for the heck of it. Call me obsessed, but I swear, everytime I see that logo on TV, I instantly think it says Chanel. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this, or if I am the only weirdo.

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