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I found the coveted Chanel 5018.. and purchased.

Warning to all: I am extremely excited about this and I don’t care if these sunglasses are fake from China.

Chanel Sunglasses

I saw these sunglasses on and I instantly fell in love. Nicole Richie & the Olsen zombie twins hide their starving eyes behind them.. and why should I let these bitches have all the fun? I wouldn’t even mind sleeping in these or wearing them indoors. So.. I found them on a really random site that I’ve never heard of:

Here is the listing for the Chanel 5018 sunglasses:

I paid $65.99, shipped from China:

Chanel Half Tinted Sunglasses

Yeah yeah, they aren’t the real ones, but they come with a pretty Chanel sunglasses case and a ‘certificate’ of authenticity. I am for sure taking pictures of these mother-effers when they come in the mail. Stay tuned for the hotness.

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  1. hi there. I’m looking to also buy a pair of these sunglasses. I was just wondering how they compare to the real thing? If you have any pictures that would be great!


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