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My mini haul nearly broke the bank…

Is it just me who believes that the “D” in Dior represents DIVINE? No.. not Divine as in Mrs. Turnblad rocking the high arched brows Divine.. I mean.. the definition of the word Divine. Luscious, lovely.. OMG.

My best friend Kat and I crawled away from the kids for a moment to lavish ourselves in the Pleasanton Stoneridge Mall’s only gem.. the Nordstroms cosmetics department, where fresh, bright white teeth are there to greet us, and flawlessly concealed skin is just a few feet in front of us. This is heaven. Ahhh yes, not even the man above (baby Jesus) could understand the feeling of sitting in the makeup artist’s chair, being pampered and petted with a squirrel hair brush.

I floated over to the Dior counter, where amazing airbrushed photos of models were whispering to me, “This lipgloss was made for YOU.” I believed it. Every word. Sixty dollars later, I was holding a bag of two of the finest Dior glosses known to woman.

Dior lipgloss

Diorshow Gloss Show. $27 dollars each. .21 oz.

Wow. So these are actually worth 30 bucks each. No freaking kidding! Even the packaging was impressive. If you want high shine and a shitload of shimmer, then these beauties are for YOU. I recommend them all.. if you can afford it, get them all. I was only able to purchase Sofia Silver, which is like snow for your lips and perfect for adding a highlight over dark colors or adding shimmer to a matte shade. Charlotte Moka is shown above. It’s a coppery shimmer that is very sheer, and looks really good with a mahogany lip liner.

Do me a favor and at least go try these on. They should be available at Sephora and Nordstroms (and that shitty place called Macys)

I scurried over to the NARS counter before I ended up handing my paycheck over to Dior.. which I would gladly do if I won the lottery. (I actually forgot that I had a Lottery scratcher in my purse until I just typed that. I just scratched it off and I just won $10.. no joke)

Anyway, I headed over to NARS and met a lovely makeup artist by the name of Ben. He knew my correct foundation shade the minute the slimming Nordstrom lighting hit my face. He just knew I was newly crowned Miss. Deauville the moment he set his eyes on me. Deauville is my shade from now until forever. I wasn’t a fan of powder foundation until Ben slapped me in the face with it.


Can you believe this stuff has UVA and UVB protection? SPF 12 and PA++ to boot.

$45 dollars, mirror, velvet application pad, refillable compact.. pricey but very much worth it. Years ago, I was loving MAC Studio Fix, but I broke out within minutes of use. Deauville is my new best friend (sorry, Kat) it’s better than Studio Fix and doesn’t throw a pimple party all over my face.

I didn’t want to walk away from NARS without making a two item purchase… hahah (Salesperson lingo) My wallet saving tip of the day is: only buy the products that made the biggest difference. The blush that Ben showed me clearly helped chisel my features and bring out my cheekbones without looking like I just worked in the coal mines for a week. The color is called Zen and it’s perfect for fair skinned ladies like myself.

See the blush list here:

I also got a GWP.. gift with purchase.. and I think it’s supposed to be some sort of sex oil (hahah) because it really made me think naughty thoughts when I rubbed it on. Let’s just say that the day ended with an Orgasm.. and we are NOT talking the most popular shade of NARS blush.

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