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Smokey eye fans will love Summer 2009

I was checking out the MAC artists page for Victor C. (see here) because I have taken a pro training class from him before.. I think it was for Fall 2007, and I just was curious to see what his profile said about him. He mentioned that his favorite makeup artist was Val Garland, and surprisingly enough, I had not really heard of her before, so I did a search on one of my favorite search engines.

I found an awesome video of Val, talking about the smokey eye that will be popular in Summer of 09′. This ain’t just any smokey eye.. this is pretty insane! I definitely got the impression that this makeup is inspired from a Robert Palmer video:

Robert Palmer video Girl

OR Robert Smith?

Robert Smith?

Well, whoever the inspiration was for the look, I think it’s pretty bold for summer. I believe this for a few reasons:

1. Black eyeshadow is normally difficult to master. Imagine standing in a bathroom at 80 degrees trying to pat and blend black eyeshadow for 15 minutes.

2. It’s hot outside.. eyeshadow doesn’t like to stay on when you are all hot and sweaty. Even with the best of eyeshadow primers, it’s going to be difficult.

3. Red lips in the summer? Again.. red lipstick likes to bleed, especially when it’s hot out, so be sure to get a lipstick sealant. I will be reviewing my most favorite makeup sealant in the near future.. stay tuned for that.

4. I like makeup that’s light and airy in the summer.. sorry!? hah.

If you want to see the video, which is pretty awesome, although I still disagree with the black shadow for summer, it would be an awesome look for a night on the town.

Val Garland: Summer 2009 Preview

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