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A Little Makeup Q and A for you.

Once in a while, I like to grace Yahoo! Answers with my presence. The website could be a waste of my time, but it’s a great place to promote my blog.. so I will probably continue to answer 15 year old girls with questions about eyeliner as long as I am still getting hits to my blog here.

I thought I would share some of my “Best Answers” and just some random answers with everyone.

Eyeliner Help Please???
is NYC a good brand for eyeliner. and does gray eyeliner look as good as black eyeliner and does it show up as much as black???Please Answer!!

I haven’t had much luck with NYC eyeliner in the past. It seems that it’s really hard to draw on (you have to press hard and go over the same areas a few times). I really like the Prestige eyeliners and the Jordana eyeliner in the automatic twist up pencil. If you can, drop by Sephora and try out the Urban Decay 24/7 gel pencil liners. They are the BEST in my opinion. Although they cost more, you will only need to apply it once everyday and not have to deal with it every time you look in the mirror.

Foundation that doesn’t melt in hot weather?

where I live it can get up to 115 degrees! although it isn’t always that hot, my make-up always ends up melting I stopped using liquid foundation because it didn’t cover anything, it just got in my pores and made my skin look dry, but my bare naturals powder is running out (it also comes off easily) so im going to go make-up shopping this weekend.

I have mild acne/oily skin and I’m on a budget (being fifteen)

Try a tinted moisturizer instead of liquid foundation or powders. It’s just like a moisturizer, but it has a slight sheer tint to help even out the skintone. There is an awesome one that Almay sells, also I hear that the ones from Neutrogena are great. They usually contain SPF, so you will have sun protection!

Makeup consultants in Macy’s?
Are the makeup consultants in Macy’s certified cosmetologists? Are they helpful if you go up to them and show/tell them what you’d like?

They are not board certified makeup artists, but they are trained either by corporate trainers of the brand they work for or by other makeup artists within Macy’s. I worked for Benefit Cosmetics for 5 years, and every 6 months we were sent to training at the corporate office.

I would say that the best makeup artists in Macy’s would be the girls and guys at MAC. They are extensively trained and they have to go through rigorous testing before they are hired.

How do you take mascara off with vaseline?

I don’t like to put Vaseline near my eyes.. ever. If it gets into my eye, my vision is clouded for about 15 minutes. Please use an eye specific makeup remover like Almay makeup remover pads. Vaseline leaves a film that could clog your pores. I don’t care what Tyra Banks says about Vaseline!

Why do men claim to prefer women who don’t wear make-up…?
Then talk about how hot all these stupid women are, like Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Pam Anderson, etc. (who wear TONS of makeup)?? PLEEEEEASE….

That’s a mystery that I have always pondered.. then I asked a man.. and I think that his answer makes sense. What men desire is something wayyyy different than the woman he wants to spend his life with. Men’s hormones/brains, etc. are programmed to jump at attention when they see a woman who looks like she’s trying to get sexual attention: makeup, short skirts, dripping lip gloss, etc. But the woman they want to live with on a daily basis is someone who is nurturing, kind, and loving. My fiancee loves makeup on me, but he loves also the innocent non-makeup me that he wakes up next to in the morning.

Sooo.. what did you guys think? Should I have my own show?

I really think that putting together my own show for YouTube is a priority. It will be fun, entertaining, and educational. I totally need to save up for a digital video camera first. I’ll let you guys know what’s going on.. I think there’s a 75% chance this will be happening soon.

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