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I had to email Perez Hilton about this! Copycat Covers!!

Trust me.. I KNOW my 1990s supermodel trivia. I know the faces very well.. names sometimes slip my aging mind, but I know that the 90s are where the best supermodels were born like Linda Evangelista, Shalom Harlow, Amber Valetta..basically the skinniest and hottest models to ever to dare touch a Chanel suit.

Today on Perez Hilton, I was shocked to see that on the cover of W magazine, the face of Kate Hudson was done up exactly like Nadja Auerman on the cover of BAZAR magazine from like 1995.

Nadja and Kate HudsonKate Hudson

I’m sorry.. but people need to run this shit by ME first before they start ripping off other covers of magazines. Trust me.. I know my hottest covers of the 1990s. They used to be plastered on my bedroom walls at my parent’s house. Especially THIS cover. This was the hottest cover I had ever seen.. it was those hypnotic eyes of Nadja’s that really captured me.. and one of the covers that made me want to be a makeup artist. The funny thing about this cover is that it’s SOOOO obvious that they were ripping it off. Look at the barely there eyebrows, head tilt forward with the cat eyeliner, red lips. I am.. appalled. You can rip off a legend… you can’t rip off the woman who held a record for having the longest legs!

I emailed Perez immediately this morning after I saw his post. I am sure he will have something to say about this.

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