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M.A.C Lustre Twins.. better than the Olsens?

Wow..there comes a time when I really crave a new lip color. Call me crazy.. but after seeing the new promotion for MAC cosmetics Lustre Twins, I am having one of those lip color cravings as I type this!

Lustre Twins

Lustre Twins

Totally freaking awesome ad , right? Totally reminds me of those 90s ads with Shalom Harlow:

Shalom Harlow

Yeah.. Dita Von Teese wishes she was half this hot.

Anyway, Shalom was notorious for her perfect red-painted lips and she was known as “the best walk in the biz”. She had the best catwalk strut the modeling world has ever known. Where the HELL is she now?? I have no idea, I must Wikipedia the bitch up and see what she’s doing.

Yes.. so these MAC lip colors are Pro Longwear.. which means it’s that stuff you paint on and it doesn’t come off. Well, out of all of those “long-wear” lip colors I’ve tried, I really do like MAC’s the best.

Here’s what MAC has to say about it:

Nine new shades of Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour featuring an exclusive sheer pigment top coat, with three Nail Lacquers. Separate if you must, but these Lustre Twins shouldn’t live without each other. Codependent couture colour and shine starts here!

What is also a cool tip about these Pro Longwear colors, you can actually use them on your EYES. Yup. You heard it here. I went to a MAC training class a year ago and we learned about doing these types of dramatic runway looks, and using Pro Longwear on your eyes was one of those tips.. but you will need a really oily makeup remover to get it off your eyes. Maybe just baby oil. The girl was having a really hard time getting the color off her eyes… but it looked really hot when she had it on. Probably a good idea for a night out clubbing… sweat proof!

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