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Pictures from the darkside

Krista Dior

There are the locks of blackness.. just as I promised. I was actually taking a picture of me with my fiancee, Steve, and he accidentally was cut from this photo. =( But anyway, I took my hair from platinum blonde streaks and burgundy hair to this black velvet, Priscilla & Elvis wedding hair.

Priscilla and Elvis

Yeah.. she was my inspiration for this hair color and after looking at my split ends and damage, I figured it was time to put some life back into my hair. I did not use permanent dye, ohh no! The last time I used permanent black dye, my hair came out more damaged than I started out with. I used Natural Instincts by Clairol with very good results. I’ve used this dye before and really love how it conditions your hair.

Clairol natural instincts

Yeah.. I did leave a few blonde streaks in my hair just for the hell of it and added a few blonde extensions myself.

I am using a lot of brown neutral makeup with my new hair.. I want to go bold with a fuchsia lipstick and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

Back to Black

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My mini haul nearly broke the bank…

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Smokey eye fans will love Summer 2009

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Bird Poo facials in New York

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Amanda Lepore Makeup Line

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